PS3 sales gain on Blu-ray, fall of HD DVD

Marcus Lai from Punch Jump writes:

"Sales for Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 rose on Amazon this past weekend following a round of support for the Blu-ray disc high-definition format over Toshiba Corp.'s HD DVD."

"On Sat., the 40GB PS3 SKU held a 60 percent increase in sales at to rank in the No. 10 position in the Video Games division."

"Each PS3 sold includes a Blu-ray disc drive to play new high-definition format films."

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Joey Gladstone3800d ago

Clearly Sony including a Blu-Ray player standard was a High Risk move, that its counterpart Microsoft was not willing to do with HD-DVD, but its now going to start paying off Big Time for Sony Sales wise.....
...."The JOEY has Spoken"

Blackmoses3800d ago

This was inevitable, given the right set of circumstances Sony would either look like complete idiots or come out smelling like roses. Now, with the war pretty much winding down to a basic press release signifying HD-DVD’s surrender, PS3 sales are likely to see another increase following. If the rumored 150 gig PS3 is an even remote possibility and then a sub sequential price drop, not to mention the production costs for the hardware used to build the console have dropped. This is definitely going to be a tidal wave of sales and promotions for Sony’s machine.
I’ll admit when it first came out and with its higher price point, lack of games and inclusion of an unproven HD video format waging war for supremacy…
I wasn’t all too sure Sony made the right choices this time around.
Like so many other people now, I must eat my words. Things are truly making a drastic turn for Sony and its PS3. They took a major gamble on a chip (Cell) and some blue diodes (BluRay).

Nice poker face Sony!!!

Kleptic3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

demand is really going to soar this year it seems. Production costs will plummet, with considerations going to the fact that increased demand destroys the original risk factors of an undecided format war still going on...

all this more or less guarantees that Sony can easily match ANY price cut put on to the 360, or possibly lower it even more...

After a few more months, especially once some of the big titles start gaining media time and reach releases...the news is going to more focus on the PS3 and Wii, and if the PS3 can begin to gain a little traction on it...the 360 won't go away, but its grip has been slipping for a few months now...and all of that was before the PS3 even began to really open up...

with all that said though...its cool that you can admit that the PS3 and BD obviously have gained quite a bit of traction in the last couple of months...I always had little doubt that the PS3 would eventually take off, I will admit that it happened a good year or so before I thought it would happen...I thought this HD DVD/BD stuff would take nearly all of 2008, with the PS3 coming into its own by late this year...the recent NPD numbers for the US were really surprising imo, and I don't buy the 360 retail problems for a minute...MS is saying that could meet demand for a relatively slow month?...and yet were fine through the holidays? either case, both are bad for MS...either they outright were outsold fairly...or they have extremely poor forecasting and seriously needs to start knocking some heads around...and it could possibly be a combination of both...but zero local retailers to my area are out of any 360s currently, and I didn't notice anything like that for all of January...

Cwalat3800d ago

xbox 1 died early, it seems 360 has the same fate written all over it,

man even, PS2 is still outselling 360 in many parts of the gaming world, so wtf did u guys expect ?

Wii will dominate but not for long, i gotta agree with Pachter,
it will dominate for about 2 or 3 years, then it will see drastic change in both sales and demand.

PS3 was built to last 10 years, i think 360 was only meant to last one week, and soon PPL will see 360 as lastgen and all will go for PS3, i know this for a fact, hell ill bet my ass on it.

EZCheez3800d ago

The same guy wrote this just three days ago.

Mr_Kuwabara3800d ago

That news story was talking only about Japan and the NPD data, this one is talking about Amazon.

mikeslemonade3800d ago

"Prior to release to DMC4" that's why the sales dropped a week later.

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