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The End of the Console War: AAAs, Motion Control and Other Tragedies

"As much as I loathe the fact that Bioware had to bow down to fan reactions and come up with a new set of endings to appease those who were disappointed by Mass Effect 3's original climax, one particular ending piqued by interest. Of course, it was the middle road, the choice of Synthesis, where Shepard sacrifices himself to make both synthetics and organics like him. This thus creates a universal race that is equal in every way - the final stage of evolution, the end of the Reapers' harvesting and the unification of entire solar systems." (PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

-Mika-  +   510d ago
I didn't really like how this article was written. It just felt long and confusing. Am Im the only one who thinks this?

Anyway I think you're wrong. Next gen, we are going to see the same stuff we saw this gen. Im positive of this.
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I disagree it didn't fell like that to me since I didn't read it.
Knight_Crawler  +   510d ago
The fact that there is a consle war proves that the PS3 and 360 are on par with one another.

They only way to end this console war is if Sony or MS release something diffrent and if one of them is way more powerful.

If the 720 and PS4 are almost the same then we will have another 10 years of PS3 vs 360 to look forward to.

Edit: My hope this that MS HEAVLY integrates PC like features on the 720 and the PS4 uses the cell 2.
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vortis  +   510d ago
I'm already on the fence whether I should invest in a next-gen console or just upgrade my PC (or buy a new one).

If MS makes the 720 more "PC-like" then it pretty much means there's no reason for me to invest in another console. Exclusives just aren't enough to warrant that kind of investment.

If they want to get gamers back who have fled to PC because Steam makes it easy, cheap and convenient for people to play the latest games that look a heck of a lot better than playing them on consoles, they'll need to bring back more core gaming features.

I'd like it if we had less mandatory day-one patches, less forced online connectivity, more integrated gameplay functionality instead of upscaling and texture crunching and media compression. I'd love to see good games on a good gaming console.

Right now there is no benefit to investing in a console, especially with pay-to-play multiplayer, as opposed to just sticking with PC. Something has to give, but given that MS is after casuals and I don't know what Sony is really doing, I tend to doubt we'll get consoles as gaming-dedicated as the PS2 and original Xbox.
StrongMan  +   510d ago
Don't forget that all signs point to MS putting heavy focus on Kinect games and media services as the primary focus for the 720.
bubblebeam  +   510d ago
What's a spoiler alert?

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