Jack Thompson, Seeking Killer's Video Game History, Threatens NIU with Lawsuit

The Northern Illinois University campus is still reeling from Thursday's rampage shooting by an apparently deranged 27-year-old man.

But that hasn't stopped anti-game violence activist Jack Thompson from threatening NIU with a lawsuit. Over video games.

Thompson e-mailed GamePolitics a copy of a letter that he faxed this morning to the university's public safety department in Dekalb.

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travelguy2k3713d ago

"Of course I sent it to them, you idiot.

The NIU investigators have already responded, professionally, and told me they will get me this information in due time. This is how you do this, which you wouldn't’t know."

He calls Game Politics an idiot and then goes on to commend the NIU investigators response as "professional". I guess all that time on camera and all those years of school can't teach you to be professional when all he was asking for was confirmation. And thats another thing Jack Thompson would know nothing about....Confirming a source.

Marceles3713d ago

I can't wait until they find nothing

Osirisox3713d ago

Wow Travelguy - your so right.

Jack Thompson is an unprofessional phycho; and he is feeding off of all of this publicity.

Bubbles for you, my friend.

harv0523713d ago

Someone should revoke his lawyers license...

ben8063713d ago

wow talk about your vampires who feed of other peoples suffering

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The story is too old to be commented.