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GAME and IGN Team Up

In early 2013, GAME and IGN are teaming up to form a partnership with a focus on the gaming community in the UK. IGN brings in around 4.2 million gamers in UK across all platforms and has some of the best social profiles. GAME is the UK's biggest game retailer. This combination can only be good. (IGN, Industry)

aiBreeze  +   641d ago
LMFAO, whatever respect I had for IGN has now gone out the window. Game might be the biggest exclusive game retailer but lets be honest, they're terrible these days. If I was IGN I'd partner with someone like HMV which at least supports gaming properly with their gamerbase venues inside certain stores.
sdozzo  +   641d ago
So, you lose respect... It's a business decision.
psvitamanfan  +   641d ago
great, IGN, the assholes of the online gaming world plus GAME, the major fuck ups of the retail world.
Welshy  +   641d ago
IGN are among the "journalists" i trust the least, and Game are the most expensive and probably the worst for service here in the UK.

The "Mountain Dew and Doritos" article jumps to mind here.

I've only ordered 2 things from Game. My COD: MW2 preorder arrived TWO WEEKS late so i left them for a while. I tried them again around Gears 3 time because they had an exclsuive steelcase limited edition for £50 (£10 more expensive than standard) and again, it arrive d a week late and with a bash in the front of the steelcase.

F**k IGN and f**k Game imho.

Edit: And to think we lost Gamestation to this lot... I'm aware they were run under the same firm, but the general store experience was so much better, it felt like a little independent store and the staff were so much friendlier =/
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psvitamanfan  +   641d ago
Never heard a truer word written.

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