Sony's Australian MD: A Year More For PS2 Support

From Sponge:

"Managing directors of Sony Computer Entertainment in Australia (and New Zealand) - they're like buses; don't see one for months, and then they come in pairs - or at least quotes from them do. Michael Ephraim is the managing director in question. Not only is he happy to welcome Microsoft to the Blu-ray fold (see this story), he is also telling Aussie gamers how long the PS2 has left."

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decapitator3804d ago

One of the Greatest consoles ever made is making it's final run. Man I sure as hell will play the hell out of this system this year before it finally bites the dust.

Long Live the PS2.

marinelife93804d ago

The PS3 and to a lesser extent the Xbox 360 will get a sales upward bump when the PS2 is finally discontinued. The PS2 has been canibalizing sales of the next gen systems since launch.

They need to go ahead and throw a cell processor in the next PSP.