Dead Space 3 No-Go for Couples

The news that Dead Space 3 features co-op is promising; but, discovering that Dead Space 3 will not feature a co-op mode is dreadful news for a huge segment of gamers: those that like their gaming time to be social and those that like to co-op with their partners.

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brish1825d ago

Ummm ... so they took the horror out of a horror game to replace it with co-op ... then don't do split screen?


This game sounds worse every time I hear about it.

Snookies121825d ago

Yeah, no local co-op means no buy from me. I'll just stick to the first two games thank you very much.

Jinkies1825d ago

Just like Beverly Hills Cop 3...just pretend it dosen't exsist.

yoshiroaka1825d ago

Nah man you should still give the game a chance.

Apparently if you choose to play alone "John Carver may appear at some points (as do other NPCs) but for the most part he is not there."

So you will will get the old Dead Space 1 & 2 feel supposedly.

Keep an eye on it. Don't write it off yet. Im a Dead Space fan myself so im hoping for the best.

Jinkies1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )


How can a story based character not be part of the cutscenes. He's still going to be included in the story and the cutscenes. He's a horrible character anyway, he's a generic soldier grunt with his not funny one liners who dosen't like Issac but then will soon like him at the end of the game. It wouldn't be as bad if the partner was Ellie, he just feels forced into the story, the game should of picked up from the second game.

It will be crap playing by yourself because the levels will have been developed for co-op, for two people. Throughout the levels you'll see a ton of "team based" stuff which is useless to you because your playing it solo

I'm sorry but what they've said, done and shown off since it was announced has been nothing but them ruining the franchise, just like what they've done to other EA based games and it happened with Capcom and RE6 so you know it's going to be bad.

yoshiroaka1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )


I dint really know too much about his character or story but i get what you're saying gameplay wise. Its like LBP when you see all those 2-4 player areas that you cant access, it bothers you.

I guess it still has appeal to me because even if it isnt a good horror game anymore but just a good co-op game its still a win because i have a friend who i play a lot of co-op games with and we're always looking for something new to play.

Either way i still want to stay cautiously optimistic. Maybe they may be the studio to get it right and make a game that is equally fun solo or co-op. I guess time will tell.

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MysticStrummer1825d ago

So co-op is bad, but not having splitscreen co-op, which would kill immersion and therefore tension even more, is worse? What a generation of crybabies this is.

brish1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

Co-op isn't bad but it doesn't belong in a horror game.

yoshiroaka1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

Actually from what i have read having splitscreen would actually break one of the features of the game.

Apparently the co-op partner in the game is kind of insane and while you play one character my see things the other might not.

Like an elevator full of toys while the main character may see nothing and one player might see a guy to chase after but he wont see the enemies and issac would have to cover him and wonder what the hell he is doing.

I cant explain it very well but IGN had an article on it i think and it sounded pretty cool.

holdmykidney1825d ago

Interesting - do you feel that this means that there are certain kinds of stories which shared or splitscreen gameplay cannot tell?

Or do you think that these point-of-view features could be told a different way?

Perhaps this is a validation of plans to bring out TVs where each viewer in the room sees a different image?

Kyosuke_Sanada1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

Don't know, Kane and Lynch and Haze did a good job of portraying insanity on a split screen medium but then again they weren't horror games.

I just believe it's get more people to buy another copy of the game, simple as that.

Sketchy_Galore1825d ago

That actually sounds like a really cool idea, still I'd rather it was kept for another game and Dead space 3 was purely single player. Well... to be honest Dead space 2 was even way too action packed for my tastes so maybe this series just wasn't for me after the first game, single player or multiplayer. I wish they would go back to the slow tension of the first game or even slow it down some more but of course that can't happen because every sequel has to be bigger, faster, more extreeeeme and in your face than the last.

yoshiroaka1825d ago


Well if it was split screen i could always watch my friends screen to see whats going on and whereas online i would actually have to explain it to him or vice versa. I cant say if its going to be revolutionary or even a good idea but i definitely find it interesting.

yea that's always a possibility as well. There are a lot of games this gen that i think left that feature out for that sole purpose.

Yea maybe a new ip would have been best. The action horror balancing act is always tricky but i still liked dead space 2 a lot tho. Didnt find it too actiony.

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princejb1341825d ago

developers just cant get break
they keep releasing crap games and than they wonder why software sales are down
a huge dead space fan but they disappointed me with co-op

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shempo1825d ago

the game will flop
EA need more than 2mil if they wan to continue the franchise
i hope it fails so they can stop with this already.

anw back to the real survival genre
amnesia games and waiting with open arms project zwei

Rhezin1825d ago

hah! thats rediculous, no split-screen? No buy! Wasn't going to buy it anyway though cuz of the weapon bench and the 1st person shooter vibe to it.

GTRrocker6661818d ago

Split screen sucks. I always hated it, even when I was a kid