Death of HD-DVD will not impact Blu-ray sales

Via Techradar:

"As we count the days (hours?) till the inevitable official announcement from Toshiba that it plans to 'review its strategy' (read: can the ailing HD DVD format be put out of its misery) yet another analyst wades in with comment.

Gartner's principal research analyst Paul O'Donovan told TechRadar today: "Gartner anticipates Toshiba will finish with HD DVD within the next couple of weeks. Its share price has risen on the basis that the rumours are strong that it will pull out sooner rather than later. If it delays then the stock will drop very quickly."

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gamesblow3805d ago

Man the media is really scrambling here... they really don't know where to lay their heads, do they? hahahahaha... Man, this is painful to watch unfold.

Sony and company must me shaking their heads in embarrassment.

Hatchetforce3805d ago

Won't impact sales? Are they high? Do they not realize the millions of people that have been fence sitting waiting on a winner to emerge? Surprise! Someone in the press is an idiot.

Cwalat3805d ago

are they serious ?

wow that was funny, i thought they were being serious..
guys they are only being sarcastic :P

well i guess millions of HD-TV owners will buy regular DVD then..

decapitator3805d ago

People are still doubting blu-ray even after it's "higly likely" victory ? I guess the media is sort of like Hilary Clinton. They just can't admit they were wrong even after been proven wrong.

Vip3r3805d ago

Yes, ignorance truly is bliss to some.

blacsheep3805d ago

really are alot of jealous people who maybe supported the wrong format now venting their anger!

bluray and its trojan horse the ps3 are the real winners

and further more statistics have shown an 80% increase in bluray sales since!

Feihc Retsam3805d ago

I personally know a lot of people who were just waiting for the format war to end so that they could committ to one format. And plenty of those same people already plan on picking up a PS3 if/when Blu Ray was the winner just because it's such a great value.

anh_duong3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

the article actually says blu-ray sales will:

“The sales of Blu-ray are linked to HD flat-panel TVs first and foremost. Certainly those consumers who have bought an HD TV may now consider buying a Blu-ray player but it will depend on various factors such as do they have enough money to buy now or will they wait and maybe they will consider a Sony PS3 instead of a Blu-ray DVD player? For sure, there will be a small rise but not an acceleration YET. That [ACCELERATION] will come towards the END OF THE YEAR.”

as for digital download:

"Gartner DOESN'T see downloads having a massive effect on the adoption of Blu-ray. The infrastructure is ready for massive HD video-file downloads yet, just like books, people still like to have a hard copy to access and use whenever they want. It’ll be QUITE A FEW YEARS yet before downloads have any real affect on optical disc sales for HD content.”

So to summarise blu-ray sales will do very well and digital download won't have a massive affect on hd-video. hmm.. dodgy titled "Death of HD-DVD will not impact Blu-ray sales" by bitter pro hddvd journalist perhaps?? the comments by Gartner is if anything pro-blu-ray and negative digital download.

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Joey Gladstone3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

LOL how can the complete failure of the ONLY competing alternate storage media not affect Blu-Rays sales??? Now its no longer..Blu-Ray has a 3:1 lead over HD-DVD, its Blu-Ray has won, and Sony will now reap the rewards of its successful marketing and business strategy....
...."The JOEY has Spoken"

masterg3805d ago

Are you kidding me.
Here is why that is wrong.

1.The people who would have bought HD-DVD players will now buy Blu-ray.
2.Movies that were HD-DVD exclusive will now be sold on Blu-ray.
3.Now people don't have to worry about jumping on a dead format.

fenderputty3805d ago

a lot of people that were on the ropes and were waiting it out now have a clear choice.

BenzMoney3805d ago myself, who won't be buying a Blu-Ray player.

I'm not an HD-DVD supporter, nor am I a Blu-Ray supporter. That being said, if HDDVD had turned out to be the winner, I probably would've purchased one. I can't say the same of Blu-Ray.

Sorry, but I'm just not a big fan of the draconian DRM-before-all-else mentality of the Blu-ray association. I know of many others who share that sentiment.

No doubt that someday, perhaps, I will have one. But we're talking years down the road. Until then I'm happy with my upscaled DVDs and/or digital streaming.

fenderputty3805d ago

There's already an article about raised PS3 sales on Amazon since the death of HD_DVD articles have started.

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