Microsoft Comment on HD-DVD Status

HD DVD Statement from Xbox

"We do not believe the recent reports about HD DVD will have any material impact on the Xbox 360 platform or our position in the marketplace.

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gamesblow3772d ago

Of course not, cause as I said all along and on my blogsite... Microsoft is set to announce that they're going to adopt Blu-ray aswell... Making Sony that much more relevant.

Microsoft new the hd-dvd format wasn't going anywhere. It was a cheap fix for them to get their system to market 1st. They would've went blu-ray had it benn ready intime. I don't csre what anyone of you box boys think or say.

Microsoft didn't include the hd-dvd drive because of "consumer choice" They didn't include it cause they knew it wasn't going to win.

Deal with and cry about it all you want.

Cartesian3D3772d ago

the MAIN reason was the production costs..

they made 360 with LAST-gen DVD drive because they liked to make money from HW sales ASAP . (even they used the WORST and the cheapest DVD drive ROFL!! )

anyway they didnt give a SH!t about consumers CHOICE or whatever they said.. they want to MAKE F***in money from EVERYTHING!

InYourMom3772d ago

You are nothing but a droid! HD-DVD was the superior format and MS wasn't going to wait around for Blu-ray to finish it's specs, which is still hasn't. Cheap fix is just bullox, it was the best format and still arguably is.

The HD drive was not included because of cost, not lack in confidence in the format.

decapitator3772d ago

Spinning team is on it already. They wont really "comment" on this until they have "officially" announced it.

TheTwelve3772d ago

Wow, it really looks like Microsoft is about to release a Blu-Ray player in 3 months. *rolls eyes*


Feihc Retsam3772d ago

Xbox360 Blu Ray player vs. PS3 Comparisons...
Maybe some nice side-by side Standard def videos showing one or the other with its color settings out of whack or maybe use different monitors for each system. That'll make for an unbiased comparison the likes of which us gamers have come to adore... :(

marinelife93772d ago

I think Sony is proving to Microsoft that games may sell consoles but games plus hi def movie media sell even more consoles.

Given the option at the same price to have a game machine plus hi def built right in what imbecile would buy just the game device?

MS better start pushing Halo and Xbox live hard because that's the only temporary advantage that they have over PS3.

marinelife93772d ago

I'd like to see them try to run that Blu-Ray picture over the component connections that almost 10 million Xbox users only have.

Feihc Retsam3772d ago

I don't expect Xbox 360 owners to have any more trouble passing their 1080p blu ray movies to their tv than they do with 1080p games currently.

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Joey Gladstone3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

Blu-Ray's success is a Great thing for the industry as a whole, as a unified format choice makes way for a wider selection of your favorite movies, possible price drops, and such, but the only down side in HD-DVD losing is going to be the immense face rubbing in the sand that the HD-DVD "fanboys" are sure to receive now that all of their talk of definite victory has swirled down the drain.
......."The JOEY has Spoken"

Feihc Retsam3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

Why the hell did formats ever get these fanboy camps?
It always seemed silly to me... But I guess everyone needs a cause, a purpose for living.
I always viewed MS backing HD-DVD as a half-assed attempt to create confustion in the next gen format arena, just to buy Microsoft some more lead time with the Xbox360.
It was definitely strategic, and put a very small dent in Bill Gates' wallett as opposed to the huge costs that SONY incurred by delaying the PS3, then focusing more on Blu Ray than games which ultimately resulted in poor console sales.
If all MS hoped to do was be a PITA to SONY, they played it perfectly.
All the while, they were cranking out HD content for download on Xbox Live...
I can hear the top floor of MS Headquarters now... "MWAHAHAHAHAHA"

Lew_Ijgee3772d ago

"It was definitely strategic, and put a very small dent in Bill Gates' wallet as opposed to the huge costs that SONY incurred by delaying the PS3, then focusing more on Blu Ray than games which ultimately resulted in poor console sales."

I agree but look at things this way. Only in the second fiscal year of the PS3's lifespan, Sony can now focus on the gaming aspect with more dedication because the bluray has virtually no competition and will practically sell itself. Combine that with the fact that more developers are getting a better grasp on how to make games well for the PS3 and all the highly anticipated games to be released this year for the system, this truly is the year of the PS3.

Feihc Retsam3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

I'm no fanboy. I love the PS3 and all of its potential.
Sure I'm disappointed with its performance so far, and I have definitely been giving the majority of my gaming time to the 360, but I expect this "Official" Blu Ray victory to lead to an increase in PS3s simply because it is a reasonably priced movie player.
Now, get us some more solid exclusives, and the machine will start rolling.

It will still be a while until SONY can even dream about surpassing Microsoft and Nintendo, but the PS3 is definitely on the rise now.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3772d ago

MS has set a standard of delivering HD entertainmanet without ether one of these platforms, and they are raking in more cash from the marketplace without the need of HD disc. I bought my console for games 1st and other forms of entertainment 2nd. Soon your going to be able to get new releases from your cable provider and store them for as long as you want.

kevoncox3772d ago

I wouldn't go around saying that. it gets alot of people riled up and they start throwing multi disc games around(even though its been about 3 in 3 years of the console)

Just say no.

Fishy Fingers3772d ago

plenty of developers have praised the feedom that blu-ray's storage offers them, latest being ubisoft regarding farcry2. Now i think they are in a better position to know what is/isnt useful than you.

fenderputty3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

might have in this instance is that, the PS3 becomes that much more appealing to consumers who are going to want HD movies. Even some people on this site are buying PS3's now that they've heard the news. Even if MS makes a BD addon, it's going to cost more money when you consider a 40gig with a BD drive is cheaper than an Elite already.

DD and BD can battle it out all they want. BD will still be successful this gen. DD isn't as close as you like to think. A lot of people can't get over the storage factor of data. A lot of people aren't connected like you and I are. A lot of people over seas have bandwidth caps and even here in the states, caps are starting as well. DD will take a chunk of the market this time around but it's not going to kill of BD's success.

heyheyhey3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

"highest number of exclusives"

technically the right thing to say would be "console exclusives"

just pointing it out so don't get all defensive


clearly "don't get all defensive" means "lets get all defensive" to you

i never said the the PC versions sold as much i just said that M$ used the wrong term

kevoncox3772d ago

Why do you care?
IS MS cometing with PC gaming(which is on it's death bed)?
No, Their console is in competition with Sony's machine. No one cares if a game comes out on PC because the 100K units it sells a month fails in comparisom to the millions of units 360 and ps3 move...

Lets just talk about consoles.

dantesparda3772d ago

Why do people want PC gaming to die? Its where all the technological advancements are made. And if PC gaming dies then why would Nvidia and ATi (AMD), bother making more powerful graphics chips? What will happen if PC gaming dies is that graphics chip technology will slow down. And our next consoles wont be nearly as powerful as they could have been.

What i think will happen is that sometime in about a years time, people will start flocking back to PCs because their graphics will start to look much better than the consoles. And alot of people will want that. But they also have to overcome all the piracy on the games. I can imagine how many sales they are loosing to that too.

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