The Australia Tax: What to Do About Regional Pricing Disparity on Videogames?

In the throes of another holiday shopping season, with the year’s top videogame launches still setting records above all other entertainment mediums, we take a look at the factors and forces responsible for the disparity in retail prices for games in Australia relative to other developed nations, and what Australian consumers can possibly do about it.

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sashimi1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

Complain about it to the government and elect people who are willing to advocate on your behalf to decrease tax on video games and consoles.

Rauland1826d ago

You idiot, did you even read the article? It talks about retailers jacking up the prices of games in Australia. Basically a Tax by the retailers just for living in Australia. Even online pricing.

There's also a government inquiry into this if you read the article, says how evasions the retailers are being on giving evidence on why the prices need to be higher.

jessupj1826d ago

No need for name calling

jessupj1826d ago

As long as stupid sheep continue to accept those ridiculous prices, I'll be forced to order online and always get it a week after release.

kingPoS1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

What's this you say?... Physical game sales are down in Australia!
What ever could be the reason?