Fancy sinking your fangs into flesh with new Dracula game?

French software publisher Anuman Interactive has reaffirmed its commitment to becoming a force in adventure games with the release of Dracula: the Shadow of the Dragon.

Will count Dracula be old school, or will he have a glittering chest? MWEB GameZone investigates

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Choc_Salties1946d ago

Yup, please please please no glitterfags

NukaCola1946d ago

Castlevania Lordsof Shadow 2 is coming and if it is anything like the first, its going to be incredible.

HanCilliers1946d ago

Really? Ive not played Castlevania. Would be cool to experience a proper Dracula game

NukaCola1946d ago


Go get Lords of Shadow on Xbox or PS3. It's phenomenal!