Sony Readies PS Vita Firmware 2.01 to Fix Cloud Saving

Sony’s announced that it has identified a minor bug in the recently released PS Vita firmware 2.00, which causes the automatic save upload functionality to fail. Only PS Plus subscribers can access this feature.

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maniac761973d ago

Well,thats shockingly fast

darklingz1973d ago

What about not able to access the psn store through remote anymore

Knight_Crawler1973d ago

Give it some time dude.

You have to remember that Sony does not charge for PSN and updates cost money and time.

hkgamer1973d ago

Its a shame really. I know some people wouldn't mind to pay a premium to get a better service. Something like Live, but obviously not as expensive.

Minato-Namikaze1973d ago

Then go pay for live, majority of people like the psn free (i am a psplus member) people act like live never had a problem ever.

Skate-AK1973d ago

In a reply on the US PS blog they said they are looking into fixing it.

abzdine1973d ago

they should first make something that shows if the profile is on or offline. it sucks that it has to log in and load everytime i open an "app" like friends trophies and others. i dont think PSN is that well implemented to the Vita.

hkgamer1973d ago

it does this to save battery I guess.
However I do agree and I think they should have an option to be constantly connected if the PS vita is plugged into the mains.

abzdine1973d ago

i think battery life is good and i actually think that attempting to connect everytime uses more battery than if it was always connected.
Or else they could leave the choice to the machine owner to set things as he/she wants to.
It is only because things haven't been well thought from the beginning and nothing else

medziarz1973d ago

do they test anything before they launch?

Fid1973d ago

The consumer is the tester!

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