Epic's Cliffy B Talks About The Proper Time To Announce A Big Game

This post is not about Gears of War 2. The mastermind behind the only Gears game that has ever been released, Cliff Bleszinski makes it clear in the interview that follows that he's not hinting at any sequel.

So don't go looking for clues.

Instead, let's focus on the matter at hand: A couple of weeks ago at the DICE gaming summit MTV Multiplayer asked Cliffy about just how a major new video game should be announced.

Why not just announce a sequel that everyone expects, be it for Gears or whatever? Why be coy? Who benefits? Who loses? And, hey, is Too Human developer Denis Dyack right? He says games should stay out of the press until they're done. Agree, Cliffy?

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spandexxking3745d ago

i think games should not be shown till there done. announcing is fine so long as they dont show anything (i.e killzone 2)! it just gives you a false hopes (i.e lair):P

HowarthsNJ3745d ago

They brought the demo out and the game press gave their opinions and things were changed for the better.

Marceles3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

I don't think games should stay out the press...but I do think that they over preview games way too much these days to the point that they spoil alot about the game that could've been impressive if someone found out about it during gameplay.

Game previews these days = the TV show 24...everyone loves to spoil what happens next, just let us play the game or watch the show

Cartesian3D3745d ago

may be its true.. but in this generation big games allways need Big money too and developers cannt be responsible for that risk..

so Without BETA testing,releasing DEMO,taking people opinions that game wont be 100% successful.. just see Blizzard games , ALL OF THEM ARE PURE GEM

so they cant hide their game till its done ,either..

LinuxGuru3745d ago

Without a proper hype machine, most games nowadays are doomed.

fenderputty3745d ago

it's not like it's going to matter. Games have websites with updates on their progress now. People into gaming have the internet at their hands. A lot of hype gets built around our community and showing some content seems to almost be needed. As long as people care and fanboys exist, games will be shown before they're done. Some secritive games are the exception but, even those games have some level of media shown. IE: KZ2.

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The story is too old to be commented.