BBC News video reports Blu-ray win over HD-DVD

BBC News has reported that Blu-ray has won the format war over HD-DVD.

In the video report broadcast in the UK today, the BBC highlights that consumers have been confused about the two rival formats which appear to be very similar.
The BBC reporter says "Now though, it looks as if Toshiba has lost this format war... It's rapidly loosing the support of retailers and movie studios and the end appears nigh."

The BBC report comments "In six months time it looks unlikely that shoppers will have the choice of more than one type of high-definition player."

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solar3778d ago

not only is the ps3 gonna be a great system to play games on, im glad Sony took tyhe risk to include it in the ps3. now the risk i took of buying the ps3 has paid off. great games are here and on the way and i dont have a useless movie player.

Mr PS33778d ago

For that information
Its nice of you to join us in the year 2008
Were have you been ?

pandabear3778d ago

Rest in Peace HD DVD, you were never going to win this battle

But then Microsoft will tell you this was the plan all along and that digital download is the future and that it is them and not sony who have won.

You've got to laugh lol

paul_war3778d ago

An example of the BBC being neural.

I'm sure to make it fair they had to have someone say 'its to early to call yet' !!!

resistance1003778d ago

lol, its true the BBC are as PC as you get.

Saying that they are funded by the public so its not surprising (via money from TV liecencing) they stay as unbised as they can not to offend anyone.

Still im just gald that the £800 ($1600) (PS3 £425 + 25 Blu-ray films totaling about £375 quid) i have invested in blu-ray won't go to waste =D

LSDARBY3778d ago

How the hell can someone say its too early to say. How the hell could HD-DVD beat blu-ray now.

resistance1003778d ago

I take it curry's still have alot of HD DVD players they want to get rid of first lol.

Still its ironic that they have said that considering curry's no longer support HD DVD

heyheyhey3778d ago


expertly assassinate every supporter of Blu-Ray and plant C4 in every Blu-Ray section of every retailer and then feed everyone with subliminal messages

as i said- simple

VaeVictus3778d ago

Let's not post this everytime a news outlet declares blu ray the winner. It's done.

It's GDC time, surely there as to be more than just this.

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The story is too old to be commented.