Call of Duty: Black Ops II Comparison Video: Wii U Vs. Xbox 360

Find out how Black Ops II on Wii U compares graphically with the Xbox 360 version.

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The Real Peter Moore1974d ago

This post is not directed at you, for your post is reasonable.

But GOLLY GEE WOW these graphics are almost as good as current gen graphics! and what 7 years later? Thats impressive! and for how much? More!? sign up! I so hope the next gen systems from Sony and MS can deliver these graphics

Deku-Johnny1974d ago

The game was in development long before they began porting it over. They have made it an almost exact copy that's why the Wii U version is only a little bit better than the last gen versions of the game.

HateFanboys1974d ago

but its not even a little bit better, its worst. Its runs at a lower framerate than the 360/ps3 version and has less graphical effects. Thats pathetic! The system is a architectural mess/let down

fatstarr1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

you should be saying the same things when ever you see a top end pc game running at max graphics with max resolution, you hypocrite.

you are apart of the dellusional crowd that thinks ps3 graphics look better than pc graphics.

Neonridr1975d ago

It's too hard to tell on a video of that size and quality. However, they do look virtually identical.

corrus1975d ago

On 360 is better than Wii U

metroid321975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

This is fanboy heaven wiiu version is way way better ive seen real comparisons on youtube and wiiu looks miles better and its higher resolution so in person even better.

1975d ago
tee_bag2421975d ago

There's no visible difference. Stop being a cheerleader.

daclynk1974d ago

so delusional. sure you don't need an eyes test.

metroid321973d ago

He must be blind mate on ps3/360 its blurry the wiiu has more detail and beter shadows and lighting by far.

gta28001974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

It looks to me like Nintendo has barely entered the gen that Sony and Microsoft are about to leave. Just like the Wii, the Wii U is gonna be the much inferior console when the PS4 and new Xbox come out.

jmc88881974d ago

Not really.

PS4 and 720 will be better, but people forget a few obvious things.

The PS4/720 will not utilize 700-1500 watts like a PC, let alone in a small box compared to a desktop.

The PS4/720 don't want to cost 1,000-2,000 or more.

The PS4/720 will want to keep costs down (aka not lose $270 dollar a console at launch like the PS3), want to be reliable because they didn't push bleeding edge in a small box (xbox RROD and subsequent $1 billion repair bill).

People also forget that the difference between high PC settings and ultra level pc settings is nice but hardly major. (and with having a GTX 670, I know).

People also forget that the xbox will have the Kinect 2....which not only is an expensive add in, but also the hand manipulator (which is new to the Kinect 2) making it an updated Kinect sensor AND a new piece of tech added together. This is the 360's 'gamepad' expense.

If (and it's a big if) they decide to go with a gamepad, then you'll double the 'add-in' expense of the Wii U.

Finally they don't want to put out an expensive console. Sure 600 and 1000 dollar graphics cards sell out, but we're talking tens of thousands here not tens of millions. It's an entirely different scale, and so they want power, but not unreliable, they want add-ons, but don't want to lose money OR put the price out of reach of alot of people. So they're boxed in pretty hard if they want to achieve those goals.

It'll be better, probably by a good decent bit, but to say the Wii U is going to be 'much inferior' is a bit wrong.

It's hd just like 720/PS4 will be.
It has a capable online network like the 720/PS4.
It has dual stick controllers, like the 720/PS4.
It can run the engines of next-gen games just like the 720/PS4....and coincidently like the 360/PS3 currently CAN.

Battlefield 3 and Crysis might of heard of them. They are proof that all you need to run next-gen engines, is this gen power. So if all those hating on the Wii U are conceding it's comparable to a PS3/720, then it will run next generation games.

Even then, anyone that thinks the Wii U was anywhere close to being tapped out to play the launch titles isn't thinking clearly.

Ju1973d ago

I agree with gta2800.

In my opinion, there is no doubt that the WiiU is the top console at this point. There are small details in this comparison which indicates that the WiiU is the more sophisticated version of the game - and what's more is, that it probably renders those things with ease while on PS3/360 special optimization is needed to achieve the same.

But at the same time I believe the next Xbox/Playstation will be "pulled" in and released next year (probably because of the WiU launch).

I strongly doubt those consoes will cost that much or use that much power. They will be very competitive and supersed the WiiU I am quite certain of it.

And with that said, yes, I believe the WiiU is the top tier, but will it be enough to for the next gen which will be closing in? Looking at FarCry3 I'd say, I rather extend my current library than switching platforms just yet. Or not. But in general there is no need to rush into the WiiU yet...and in 6 month we will know more.

HateFanboys1974d ago

While they may look close in this comparison, the fact is the 360 version has more effects going on (like HDR) and a higher framerate. The WiiU may be "next-gen" to you silly WiiU fanboys, but its performance level is more or less current gen level, for a higher price.

metroid321973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

Wiiu version is way better guys and its a port from a HD console that relies on cpu power where a wiiu is about gpgpu power as theat can do almost all the work with the cpu/ram/edram doing just physics and looking after the frame rate go look at the stock version of the E6760 on youtube and listen to how powerful it is then think of a cpu thats slightly slower but more modern an u have a very powerful console the wiiu uses a hybid of the E6760/6770.

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KrisButtar1975d ago

i like the wii u version better, cause the lighting on the mounted gun at the begining of the vid, (when your on the boat) and also i liked the part when buddy sneaks up to the "radio guy" and has a gun to his head as i think the lighting is better on the wii u, now ive never played the game and i dont know if those settings could be changed

HateFanboys1974d ago

"i like the wii u version better, cause the lighting on the mounted gun at the begining of the vid"

thats because its missing that lighting effect, technically that is inferior, its called hdr, look it up, it takes more processing

KrisButtar1974d ago

really i didn't now that, thanks for explaining why a couple areas were so different. i didnt like the lighting in the 360 then, but makes sense that it takes more power to display more.

HateFanboys1974d ago


I could be wrong and it could be "bloom" but either way it takes more processing (btw hdr is superior to bloom)

jay21975d ago

360 Wins again, I'm pleased in in Europe, so temped not to get my Wii U now.

tee_bag2421975d ago

Honestly, were you going to buy WiiU for the graphics jump ? Seriously ?

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