3 Best Games to Play on Thanksgiving

GamersBliss writes: "Happy Thanksgiving from the folks here at! We are grateful for every one of our readers and want to extend a personal thanks to every last viewer. With that being said, while you are at home eating a great dinner with your families we wanted to remind you of a few games that may be suitable for this wonderful holiday. We have composed a list of the top 3 games that players should keep in mind while gaming on this scrumptious holiday. Remember, family is first today but that doesn’t mean everyone can’t gather around for a great gaming session, right?"

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TheSuperior 1978d ago

Im wondering if anyone knows if Gears of War is doing anything related to Thanksgiving. I know they have done Halloween and was thinking i might top off my meal with the family with some chainsaw action in gears.... as long as its Thanksgiving related.

You all should see my grandma rock out with Cole Train lol just kidding i wish she was a gamer hahaha

1978d ago

I wanna chainsaw a Turkey. ..

TheGrimBunny1977d ago

I love these posts, gives me good stuff/ideas.. to read when not playing.