TheSixthAxis: PlayStation All-Stars Vs. Super Smash Brothers

"I chose to avoid a lot of the comparisons between Smash Bros. and PS All-Stars in my final review, with good reason – so it could focus on the main subject of the brand new PlayStation exclusive without deviating off course. These comparisons can’t be ignored however, they’re two games in a genre with few notable entries and no other real competition."

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izumo_lee2036d ago

The thing that sets PSAS apart from SSB is that online component of the game & how well it works. SSB:Brawl's online from what i have heard is not as polished though the rest of the game is stellar. PSAS's online is stellar but the rest of the game is not as polished.

In this day & age when the online functions of a game for the most part outway the single player, PSAS has outdone SSB in that department. Now lets see what Nintendo can do with the next installment of SSB & if they can improve that online component.

Moncole2036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )

You can't compare the online because the Wii has horrible online and the PS3 has way better online. Compare the online to the next Smash Bros releases.

Its like comparing consoles online service to Steam online service. Steam has a way better online service.

izumo_lee2036d ago

"Now lets see what Nintendo can do with the next installment of SSB & if they can improve that online component"

I did mention that lets see what Nintendo does for the next SSB & improve the online.

Like it or not the Wii still had online regardless if it was good or not. That is more indicative on Nintendo's reluctance last gen to get on the online bandwagon. SSB had online but like you said it was terrible cause of Nintendo's unwillingness to move toward that.

People seem to be comparing PSAS & SSB in the majority of the reviews despite my own personal feelings that it is an entirely different game & should be judged by its own merits. However it really doesn't matter what I think these comparisons are gonna happen like it or not.

yami9302036d ago

Thats like saying people should compare PS All Stars only with SSB on nintendo 64 because they are both the first game in each series, but you dont see anyone doing that.

Eyeco2036d ago

lool SSBB has one of the worst most laggiest online i've ever played in a fighter

Mikito112036d ago

Who cares about online? Nothing better than playing this right next to your friends, plus the single player and characters blow PS All Stars out the water..

Nothing but a rip off and people who say otherwise are deluded!

Kennytaur2036d ago

Clone, perhaps. Rip off, no. I guess I'm deluded then.

Kos-Mos2036d ago

How dare you compare these two games?

WeAreLegion2036d ago

It's a much better fighting game. More moves, better combos, better level design, better online, better balancing. It comes down to whether you like the more arcade-like feel of SSB or the more competitive fighting feel of PSAS. I love both, but I definitely prefer All-Stars. It was made by fighting game veterans and some of the top ranked gamers in the fighting genre. That...and I like Sony's characters more. It's easier to like a character when they have an actual story.

Mikito112036d ago

Sony characters have no charm.. Most are kinda boring IMO

Kennytaur2036d ago

You've apparently never seen Kratos turn his charm on....

CalvinKlein2036d ago

You are delusional if you think that Sony smash brothers had better levels. I guess you are a big fan of flat square arenas.

WeAreLegion2036d ago

The Loco Roco level is a constantly evolving bubble with water.

The inFamous level is a tower that you have to climb.

You're right though. Flat square arenas... -_-

solidjun52030d ago

oh look, it's the delusional xbox fanboy troll Calvin.

Kennytaur2036d ago

Each to their own. I'll take both.

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