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Submitted by bunt-custardly 1172d ago | article

DmC Devil May Cry fans can be proper bitchy

More fan backlash at Capcom's forthcoming game, this time it's all in a name as the game's voice actor pronounces the lead character's name somewhat differently to what is expected. (DmC: Devil May Cry, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Jinkies  +   1173d ago
You know I can see now how the new Dante comes off as a massive douche, the actor who plays him seems like it aswell, what a horrible actor to play him, must of been cheap. Maybe he should try auditioning for the Fosters adverts next.

Does he have a clue what he's going on about

I mean for fans to nickname him Donte only for the actor to call him that...well it's hillarious in my opinion.

"Devil May Cry fans can be proper b*****"

Not really...when a developer keeps messing up over and over again and then something like this (big or small) comes along it adds more fuel to the fire.
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DragonKnight  +   1172d ago
Exactly. What Ninja Theory and the apologisers don't seem to understand is that the fans (the real ones, not the fake ones that call themselves fans just so they can try and diffuse legitimate concerns from real fans) complain because they've come to expect certain things out of a long running series like Devil May Cry. When we see DmC, we don't see these expectations being met. When we see the developers, we see an arrogance that is without merit based on their pedigree of games. When we see the producer, we see someone who just ignores the fans.

IF fans seem "proper b*tchy" don't you think there is an actual, legitimate reason backing that attitude and that over time with the lack of any kind of acknowledgement it just evolves to the point where the fans will just do anything or say anything to prove the point that they aren't being listened to about anything?

Crapcom, Ninja Theory, the apologisers, and the paid off blogger based media have all tried to cloud over the issues and state that fans are impressed with DmC when they couldn't be further from the truth with those lying, propaganda statements.
Hanso  +   1172d ago
well said
dredgewalker  +   1172d ago
Here, here. Though I'm tired of getting irritated with TGFKADMC (The Game Formerly Known As DMC. I'm not really enthusiastic with it. The demo just solidifies my fears with this game. I'd rather have the franchise die than be replaced with this abomination. I can't stand this Dante that's half-devil, half-angel and apparently half-Tameem.
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ChronoJoe  +   1172d ago
lol the real fans need to get over it. The IP was reinvented because Capcom didn't believe it would be successful as-is.

DmC is not for you, it's for a new crowd / audience, it's built on quality standards of this generation, not of the DmC series.

Basically, quit bitching and if you don't like it, don't buy it? You and 'the fans' have absolutely no right to the fate of Capcom's intellectual property, and by bitching and whining about it all the time you just come across as unjustifiably self-entitled.

All that matters is if the game is good. Not relative to previous standards established by you - it needs to be good relative to the standards of todays market, and that is all. If mechanically, it is a measurably good game. If it is, then for every 'fan' like yourself that's deterred, they'll be a new adopter that appreciates the new direction.
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DragonKnight  +   1172d ago
@ChronoJoe: That's bullsh*t. Don't try to spew that complete lack of sense. If Crapcom wanted it to be for a new audience, they wouldn't have named it DmC, they wouldn't have named the characters the same, they essentially wouldn't make the game try to be like Devil May Cry in theory yet fail in execution.

And the next time a corporation wants to screw you over hard, whether it be a gaming company or a cable company or whatever, I hope you'll remember this day when you told people they don't have the right to voice complaints over choices made by a company. Because when your bills start skyrocketing thanks to the choices of those companies, you won't have the right to complain. After all, you don't own those intellectual properties either right?

Don't forget that it's our money that pays them. Our money that makes it possible for them to continue to exist. We have every right to complain when B.S. moves like DmC are made since we built Devil May Cry with OUR money. If you don't like people having legitimate complaints, hit the back button and look for an apologiser thread that's willing to participate in one huge circle jerk for Capcom and Ninja Theory.

Otherwise, have a great day and go in peace.
ChronoJoe  +   1171d ago
Your analogies are poor / make no sense. This isn't something you have to buy. It's not like bills increasing, or even DLC for a game you've detracting from existing content, you've already bought.

This is an entirely new standalone item. If you don't like it you literally don't have to buy it. You haven't been screwed over, not in any sense of the word. The fact that you perceive it that way is just more of that childish self-entitled attitude I mentioned.

It's not like they even give a damn, that's kind of the funny thing. No one is actually listening to people like you, not Capcom, not Ninja Theory - and they won't. They're going to let the game release as they want, and measure its success the only sensible manner there is (sales / reception).

What I'm telling you to do is to shut up and speak with your wallet if you don't like it. If it's not successful then that's indication that they should have not gone with this new direction.
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DragonKnight  +   1171d ago
My analogies are apt. For example, you don't have to have a car, you don't have to have a tv, you don't have to have a phone, you don't have to have internet, the only thing in life you absolutely MUST have are the things conducive to survival. Those are the only things you absolutely need and even then if you don't want to pay for them, there are ways you won't have to.

You telling people they don't have the right to complain about a thing simply because they don't own it is stupid, naive, and apologetic of corporations. It's not about entitlement, it's about a lack of respect for why Capcom can even consider a reimagining. Devil May Cry exists as a franchise because of the fans that built it with their money to make it a franchise. Those people, who have spent their hard earned money for years, deserve to be heard and have the right to voice their complaints. Without us, Devil May Cry wouldn't exist passed the very first game, and DmC wouldn't come into being.

That, my corporate loving friend, is a FACT. Not an opinion. The fact that Crapcom are using the Devil May Cry name and all that people loved about the series in a twisted bastardization called DmC is clearly a money grubbing tactic targeted at those who are already familiar with the series. Therefore, it is NOT made to target new players, as they would have no idea what to look for and would have to come across DmC completely by chance. The gameplay is definitely targeted for casual players but the themes and names were definitely purposely used so that series fans would want to check it out.

Problem is, you don't get to try and hook the fans in one fashion and completely ignore them in every other way. We have the right to our opinion, we have the right to voice it, we have the right to be upset that those of us that made Devil May Cry a success (and it wasn't Crapcom who did it on their own unless you have proof that the employees bought millions of copies on their own) are being ignored and this clusterf*ck of a game is being released.

If you want to be an apologiser and let all these game companies bastardize and ruin your favorite franchises, and remain silent as they dry jam their ideas up where the sun don't shine, that's your business. The rest of us will do whatever is in our power to ensure that more and more series we love aren't destroyed by low talent developers any longer.
Hanso  +   1172d ago
his Name is Donte son of Spordo and Brother of Vorgil
also Donte has press to win button DT
and Donte needs only 3 hits for SSS
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Blacktric  +   1172d ago
you forgot the wub wubs

shame on you for not being a real fan

TRU3_GAM3R  +   1172d ago
PrivateRyan  +   1172d ago
I can see what Ninja Theory and Capcom are trying to do with videos like this, being as open as they can, etc… but really it seems like they're trying too hard and that snarky attitude of the VA doesn't help. At all.

The sad thing is the demo was pretty good and if it was just left at that, that probably would have been enough to get some positive buzz for this game for the first time since it was announced.

Videos like this just distract from that. Shame.
Iancranium  +   1172d ago
An Australian actor thank you. SO yes, cheap and unheard of, but also an Aussie accept! woot
Gamesgbkiller  +   1172d ago
I liked the demo alot .
I kinda liked the new dante ...
this DMC will be better than DMC4 ..
My opinion :)
AsimLeonheart  +   1172d ago
I think in order to save DMC, first of all we need to get rid of this bunch of new "fans" of the game who started gaming 5 years ago and their first DMC was DMC4. CRAPCOM and Ninja Theory are trying to appeal to these casual noobs and killing the franchise as a result. I really hate it when someone comes along and praises the new DmC. These people only like it because the game has been severely dumbed down to appeal to them and the new "Donte" swears like a brat.
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Hanso  +   1172d ago
only thing we can do is boycotting DmC and hope sales will be bad!
Mocat  +   1172d ago
Just let this game be, i hate it but what can we do the casuals are still going to buy this game because they think they are pro's now because they can hit triple s like it's nothing goddamm companies fucking everything to appeal to the masses
Bimkoblerutso  +   1172d ago
Jesus Christ. LISTEN TO YOURSELVES. I've played every DMC Capcom has thrown at us, including the TWO GAMES IN THE SERIES THAT ALREADY SUCKED BALLS without the help of NT, and you guys are going to tell me that this particular game is the one that is going to ruin the series' legacy!?
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rjdofu  +   1172d ago
lol what? Ninja Theory? Help? Huh?
wheresmymonkey  +   1172d ago
Do you know what i find hilarious about this whole situation. Ho DMC4 is now brilliant despite it getting blasted to shite by the 'fans' when it first came out.

I'm a fan and i'm going to withold my judgement on the game untill i've sat down and played through it, instead of the alternative which is you know, being a colossal bitch.
AsimLeonheart  +   1172d ago
Do you need to waste your $60 to finally decide if a game is bad or not? Reviews and demo are for this purpose; to help you decide whether you should spend your hard-earned money or not. Only kids who are spending their Mommy's money do not care about reviews and demos or people whose money is not actually hard-earned. People have already played the demo of the game including me. The game is damn easy, control scheme is weird, diagloues are full of swearing, characters are ugly especially that Kat, voice-acting is overly subdued and meek, gameplay does not requires any skill, framrate is horrible and the backgrounds are composed of only three colors: red, blue and yellow. The demo is supposed to be the best part of the full package to impress and lure the customer but I was severely underwhelmed. I miss the good old DMC and Dante. Hell I even miss Nero and wanted to know his backstory.
Mocat  +   1172d ago
Money doesn't grow on trees you know, and hell yeah i would have Nero back over Donte anythime
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wheresmymonkey  +   1172d ago
No i don't have to spend £40 to find out if its any good. I'm perfectly capable of walking down the road and renting it for £5.

Fair enough. you didn't like the demo. If you want a game similar to old Devil May Cry there's always Bayonetta its the game DMC4 should of been in everything but name and its not like Capcom are going to destroy every last copy of the old series as soon s DmC comes out. You dont like it. don't play it. You want something like it gameplay wise, there are other alternatives.

I just don't understand the hate.

I played the demo and i thought it was alright. i liked the stuff with the environments shifting. the combat was different but quite fluid and fun once you got used to it. On the unlocked difficulty it was quite challenging and i'm looking forward to giving the full game a go.

Its basically about how you carry yourself. online and in the real world. You can either be level headed and reserve judgement untill you have all the facts or you can be a child and whinge about something you dont fully understand. Your choice mate.
Blacktric  +   1172d ago
"You dont like it. don't play it."

Oh God such a classic.

6/10 for making me laugh.

"You can either be level headed and reserve judgement untill you have all the facts or you can be a child and whinge about something you dont fully understand. Your choice mate."

And aren't you also not "whinge"-ing about something you don't fully understand since you also know as much as people who hate the game do? Come back when you actually have something constructive to say other than; "you guys are all haterz" and "if you don't like it don't play it".

jesus christ...

this is all becoming 2edgy4me
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firefly69  +   1172d ago
Well said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ILive  +   1172d ago
Your condescending comment makes you sound kike a douchebag. Okay, you probably didn't like the demo. Thats is okay. However, it is true that if you don't like something, you really don't have to buy it. What would complaining do when the game is probably near or already in completion? People complained to hell about Resident evil 6 and it still sold well. I have been gaming for a long time and this generation as been full of constant complaining. People then talk about how they hope a game would flop in sales like people don't actually have careers in games. Its pretty sad. And what in the world is a fake devil may cry fan? Its just a game people and what you don't like, others definitely will.
AsimLeonheart  +   1172d ago
Well, I do not mind your differing opinion since you seem like a rational person. You are welcome to play and enjoy it. However, I want to explain why we are hating the game. We old fans have been following the series for more than a decade. We are familiar with the whole mythos of the franchise and its characters. We were looking forward to a game that was superior to DMC4, brought Dante back as the lead and explored the backstory of Nero. Just imagine our disappointment when we heard that the franchise is being rebooted and the story and characters are being abandoned. Any series' fans will respond in a similar way. Imagine the outrage if Legend of Zelda was rebooted into a westernised open-world action RPG or Halo was rebooted in to an anime inspired, colourful and romantic FPS. That is where the outrage, backlash and hate comes from. This was then multiplied many fold as CAPCOM refused to acknowledge the backlash and Ninja Theory continued to badmouth fans and the original developer.
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ILive  +   1172d ago
I too have been playing Devil may cry since 2 and three is actually the best in my opinion. I get what you are saying because I almost felt this same way about the Metal Gear series. I gave up one metal gear after 2 but came back after some time to three because I wasn't fond of the changes they made to the game; I felt the espionage factor was lost. But I came back to it anyways and ended up enjoying it. Ninja theory has a direction, but it is not as drastic as some of the examples you give. Nostalga can be drag at times , so I understand parts of what you say. You also have to understand that some people will like this new direction whether people will complain to hell or not. I started Final fantasy at 13. Many people hated the game, but I loved it since I was new to the franchise. I thought the demo was okay, but it wasn't no effort was put into it. All I am saying is that peopleare over exaggerating in their complaints and like I said: its just a game. Do people want games not to evolve but stay at a stasis. How would developers try new things if people complain and complain?
InTheLab  +   1172d ago
I can't stand the "fans" of the new game or the people who are apathetic towards the entire situation that act as if it's criminal to voice an opinion on a franchise you've been playing for a decade...especially when the developer behind the game could give two shits about fan opinion or anyone's opinion other than their own. Especially when the publisher behind the game is only creating the game with a more Western flavor to sell more than the 4.5m units DMC4 sold.
Hicken  +   1172d ago
That's my problem. I have no qualms with the game itself. Looks like a pretty solid game(not a DMC, but still a good game).

But have people REALLY just forgotten how the guys at Ninja Theory treated fans throughout all this? They- and Capcom- were complete and utter assholes, but now we're expected to just get over that and buy the game?

Not new. Sorry, NT, but you won't be seeing my money. Come back when you don't act like spoiled little brats yourselves, blaming others for poor sales and treating fans of a franchise like crap while you work on the next game in the series.

It's situations like this where I'm glad there's GameStop.
Ben_Grimm  +   1172d ago
How were they assholes? If I remember it the fans were assholes to them. Flying off the handle with hate when they saw the changes made. They didn't even give it a chance, not one example of gameplay was shown and NT got loads of hate.

They were asked by Capcom to re-imagine the DMC game, not continue it or remake it. And that's exactly what they did. But all of a sudden they're spoiled brats and treat their fans like crap?

My, my how some fans(?) have selective memories.
InTheLab  +   1172d ago
Good or bad, there's a large segment of gamers out there that will bend over backwards to defend Capcom and NT. These are the same people that defend the likes of Bioware (EA) and Activision.

These people will jump down your throat with their opinions on why gamers are entitled and why gamers should have no say in the games they purchase.

Well, I say f*** those guys. Go on and continue defending RE6 and every other dumbed down franchise. Go out and pre-order DA3 or Deadspace 3. Keep buying all this bulls*** and taking it in the face....while the rest of us hold on to our dignity and try to elevate gaming beyond the s*** that it is today.
DeadAggressor   1172d ago | Spam
timeon11111111111  +   1172d ago
When can we expect "Developers can be proper assholes"?
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   1172d ago
All I will say if the game bombs I expect to read in articles either:

- Devil May Cry is outdated.

- It came out too close to Metal Gear Revengeance.

It will never because old school fans told you so and it will be hard for NT to have their hands on another project.

Like I said before Ninja Theory needs to pick up dead series that are more compatible for them like Blood Rayne, P.N 03 or maybe even Splatterhouse which I knew if they did people would have little to no backlash.
FrostyZipper  +   1172d ago
Ugh. I have to squeeze my eyes shut and tell my treacherous hand to stay the hell away from links to articles on this game because all that happens is a near endless back-and-forth of purist fans who feel betrayed and other people who either genuinely wanted a different direction or who haven't so much as touched a Devil May Cry game in their life.

Fuck it. Essay time.

I'm going to take a MASSIVE leap away from the nostalgia crowd and come out and say that the original games just weren't all that good. People bang on about the various combos you can pull off but all I ever saw was one or two different combos for each weapon. As a hack-n-slash it was certainly fast but I never felt particularly engaged by it because 90% of all the enemies you fought were all but brain dead and simply watched or crowded around you as you slapped the crap out of their mates.

This is not to say that there weren't parts I enjoyed; some of the bosses were pretty well done and the games are rightly lauded for presenting an entirely seamless transition between gunplay and melee combat. Problem is that the guns are about as useful as a blunt toothpick on any difficulty above easy and my biggest beef with DMC3 was the weakness of the firearms despite the existence of the Gunslinger style (which I actually thought was the best in terms of design). In terms of practicality however the other 3 styles saw much, much more use, whether it was the ability to block, dodge or just being able to do more in melee.

There was also the issue of the writing and my God... it should be no secret (and if you've never caught on then you really need to pay more attention) that Capcom are consistently terrible writers. Dead Rising, Lost Planet, the Resident Evil franchise; all horribly written and Devil May Cry is no different with half-baked, fan-fictiony plots and dialogue so bad I was either cringing or trying my best not to laugh.

Another thing I've never liked about the original series was it's uninspired aesthetic design. I could only go through the same bleak, black Gothic courtyards and hallways so many times before my eyes began to weep for want of something different to look at but when the change in scenery did finally come even then they found some way to make it dull and drab. Ironically I think Devil May Cry 4 was actually the better game (for Dante's segment at least, Nero's basically amounted to 'mash Devil-bringer to win') as it allowed Dante to switch styles on the fly instead of lumbering about a bunch of menus. It was also much, much more colourful and I thought it just might be the one to make me finally invest in the series but nope, I still found the combat dull and the writing was offensively lazy - at least in the previous games they'd actually been trying, but for DMC4 it seemed like they were only feebly reaching for straws that didn't exist.

Cont. below:
FrostyZipper  +   1172d ago
If you think by this point that I'm about to defend Ninja Theory's DmC and hail it as the next best thing since sliced bread then boy are you in for a shock. Before I talk shitty-ness though, let's get what little I like out of the way:

I like Dante's new look. It looks grounded, Dante looks like someone you'd see walking through the street on a regular day instead of his awful albino anime pretty-boy alter-ego in Capcom's previous efforts. I didn't think much of it in 2010 mostly because he seemed to be such a scrawny bastard. Honestly, starving children in Africa had more meat on their bones than the 2010 reveal Dante did. His character design since then is much improved (at least in terms of physical appearance). Another thing I like is the overall aesthetic design. The world seems colourful, and the concept and what we've seen of Limbo so far appeals to me. It's psychedelic, but close enough to reality (as far as DmC goes) that it gives the backstory of 'demons control our lives' some more credible backing up when it comes to how it affects gameplay.

Right, here comes full rant:

Gameplay: Sweet Christ in a basket where the hell do I begin? Oh my God NT the controls... uuuggh. It's nice that you want to give us options but have you played your own game even a little? I found myself mixing up buttons and button combinations which performed entirely different functions so frequently that combat was mostly a process of trial and error. The ability to instantly switch between different melee weapons mid-swing, allowing you to chain together more intricate combos is nice but everything else is a bleeding mess. Movement was just about the only thing I could count on that worked while I tried to figure out how to dodge in mid-air.

To those purists who decry the combat as easy: it isn't. The hideous control layout will make it a challenge even against the smallest of foes. I'm not sure whether or not this is a good thing or a bad thing. Certainly it'll make the game last longer if you're still figuring out what does what when a massive demonic maggot claws at your face. Platforming-lite also returns and it's as cumbersome and flow-breaking as it ever was, only difference now is that it's got a fancy new aesthetic (an aesthetic I like, but unless it actually makes the platform segments enjoyable then it might as well have returned to Bleak, Black Gothic Castle the Third).

Cont. below:
FrostyZipper  +   1172d ago
Narrative: Naturally it's too early at this point to tell whether or not the story will be a winner or a sinker. Ninja Theory proved themselves a master of character driven story with Heavenly Sword and Enslaved so I'm crossing my fingers that at least will be worth paying attention to. Writing on the other hand so far is... disappointing to say the least... come the fuck on Ninja Theory, what happened to the team that crafted characters like Nariko, Monkey and Trip? Clearly they've moved on or weren't invited to the DmC party because instead of a smug cunt I want to slap with a paddle, Dante's now a smug douche I want to smash with a bat and the change is easily for the worse. Some people might argue that his anti-establishment attitude stems from his hatred of the demons that run the world. Some people are too forgiving. A douche at the end of the day is still a douche. Some might have more sympathetic backgrounds than others, but it still doesn't excuse the banal dialogue and frankly infuriating attitude that someone like NT's Dante possesses.

I had high hopes for this when the footage showed in 2011 rolled around. It was a chance for Devil May Cry to be more than just Devil May Cry. It could have risen to the heights of Bayonetta but instead it's just more of the same with a confusing control scheme and an even more unlikeable lead. I can't express in words how much NT have let me down with DmC and come 2013 I predict that this will be one of the misses.

Of course, articles like these which deliberately provoke response from long-standing fans of the original franchise don't help matters either, and honestly, the article writer should be ashamed of himself for writing something that isn't anything other than deliberately inflammatory.
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elda  +   1172d ago
I'm digging the new DmC the demo was fun,I'm definitely buying the full game,DMC 4 was boring & I'm glad they went a different direction with the series & I've played all the DMC's.I was interested in the game when I first saw it over a yr ago & I had faith that the gameplay would be fun despite of people hating on it & now playing the demo has proved to me that it's interesting & fun.

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