DmC Devil May Cry fans can be proper bitchy

More fan backlash at Capcom's forthcoming game, this time it's all in a name as the game's voice actor pronounces the lead character's name somewhat differently to what is expected.

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Jinkies1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

You know I can see now how the new Dante comes off as a massive douche, the actor who plays him seems like it aswell, what a horrible actor to play him, must of been cheap. Maybe he should try auditioning for the Fosters adverts next.

Does he have a clue what he's going on about

I mean for fans to nickname him Donte only for the actor to call him that...well it's hillarious in my opinion.

"Devil May Cry fans can be proper b*****"

Not really...when a developer keeps messing up over and over again and then something like this (big or small) comes along it adds more fuel to the fire.

DragonKnight1942d ago

Exactly. What Ninja Theory and the apologisers don't seem to understand is that the fans (the real ones, not the fake ones that call themselves fans just so they can try and diffuse legitimate concerns from real fans) complain because they've come to expect certain things out of a long running series like Devil May Cry. When we see DmC, we don't see these expectations being met. When we see the developers, we see an arrogance that is without merit based on their pedigree of games. When we see the producer, we see someone who just ignores the fans.

IF fans seem "proper b*tchy" don't you think there is an actual, legitimate reason backing that attitude and that over time with the lack of any kind of acknowledgement it just evolves to the point where the fans will just do anything or say anything to prove the point that they aren't being listened to about anything?

Crapcom, Ninja Theory, the apologisers, and the paid off blogger based media have all tried to cloud over the issues and state that fans are impressed with DmC when they couldn't be further from the truth with those lying, propaganda statements.

dredgewalker1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

Here, here. Though I'm tired of getting irritated with TGFKADMC (The Game Formerly Known As DMC. I'm not really enthusiastic with it. The demo just solidifies my fears with this game. I'd rather have the franchise die than be replaced with this abomination. I can't stand this Dante that's half-devil, half-angel and apparently half-Tameem.

ChronoJoe1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

lol the real fans need to get over it. The IP was reinvented because Capcom didn't believe it would be successful as-is.

DmC is not for you, it's for a new crowd / audience, it's built on quality standards of this generation, not of the DmC series.

Basically, quit bitching and if you don't like it, don't buy it? You and 'the fans' have absolutely no right to the fate of Capcom's intellectual property, and by bitching and whining about it all the time you just come across as unjustifiably self-entitled.

All that matters is if the game is good. Not relative to previous standards established by you - it needs to be good relative to the standards of todays market, and that is all. If mechanically, it is a measurably good game. If it is, then for every 'fan' like yourself that's deterred, they'll be a new adopter that appreciates the new direction.

DragonKnight1941d ago

@ChronoJoe: That's bullsh*t. Don't try to spew that complete lack of sense. If Crapcom wanted it to be for a new audience, they wouldn't have named it DmC, they wouldn't have named the characters the same, they essentially wouldn't make the game try to be like Devil May Cry in theory yet fail in execution.

And the next time a corporation wants to screw you over hard, whether it be a gaming company or a cable company or whatever, I hope you'll remember this day when you told people they don't have the right to voice complaints over choices made by a company. Because when your bills start skyrocketing thanks to the choices of those companies, you won't have the right to complain. After all, you don't own those intellectual properties either right?

Don't forget that it's our money that pays them. Our money that makes it possible for them to continue to exist. We have every right to complain when B.S. moves like DmC are made since we built Devil May Cry with OUR money. If you don't like people having legitimate complaints, hit the back button and look for an apologiser thread that's willing to participate in one huge circle jerk for Capcom and Ninja Theory.

Otherwise, have a great day and go in peace.

ChronoJoe1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

Your analogies are poor / make no sense. This isn't something you have to buy. It's not like bills increasing, or even DLC for a game you've detracting from existing content, you've already bought.

This is an entirely new standalone item. If you don't like it you literally don't have to buy it. You haven't been screwed over, not in any sense of the word. The fact that you perceive it that way is just more of that childish self-entitled attitude I mentioned.

It's not like they even give a damn, that's kind of the funny thing. No one is actually listening to people like you, not Capcom, not Ninja Theory - and they won't. They're going to let the game release as they want, and measure its success the only sensible manner there is (sales / reception).

What I'm telling you to do is to shut up and speak with your wallet if you don't like it. If it's not successful then that's indication that they should have not gone with this new direction.

DragonKnight1940d ago

My analogies are apt. For example, you don't have to have a car, you don't have to have a tv, you don't have to have a phone, you don't have to have internet, the only thing in life you absolutely MUST have are the things conducive to survival. Those are the only things you absolutely need and even then if you don't want to pay for them, there are ways you won't have to.

You telling people they don't have the right to complain about a thing simply because they don't own it is stupid, naive, and apologetic of corporations. It's not about entitlement, it's about a lack of respect for why Capcom can even consider a reimagining. Devil May Cry exists as a franchise because of the fans that built it with their money to make it a franchise. Those people, who have spent their hard earned money for years, deserve to be heard and have the right to voice their complaints. Without us, Devil May Cry wouldn't exist passed the very first game, and DmC wouldn't come into being.

That, my corporate loving friend, is a FACT. Not an opinion. The fact that Crapcom are using the Devil May Cry name and all that people loved about the series in a twisted bastardization called DmC is clearly a money grubbing tactic targeted at those who are already familiar with the series. Therefore, it is NOT made to target new players, as they would have no idea what to look for and would have to come across DmC completely by chance. The gameplay is definitely targeted for casual players but the themes and names were definitely purposely used so that series fans would want to check it out.

Problem is, you don't get to try and hook the fans in one fashion and completely ignore them in every other way. We have the right to our opinion, we have the right to voice it, we have the right to be upset that those of us that made Devil May Cry a success (and it wasn't Crapcom who did it on their own unless you have proof that the employees bought millions of copies on their own) are being ignored and this clusterf*ck of a game is being released.

If you want to be an apologiser and let all these game companies bastardize and ruin your favorite franchises, and remain silent as they dry jam their ideas up where the sun don't shine, that's your business. The rest of us will do whatever is in our power to ensure that more and more series we love aren't destroyed by low talent developers any longer.

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Hanso1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

his Name is Donte son of Spordo and Brother of Vorgil
also Donte has press to win button DT
and Donte needs only 3 hits for SSS

Blacktric1942d ago

you forgot the wub wubs

shame on you for not being a real fan


PrivateRyan1942d ago

I can see what Ninja Theory and Capcom are trying to do with videos like this, being as open as they can, etc… but really it seems like they're trying too hard and that snarky attitude of the VA doesn't help. At all.

The sad thing is the demo was pretty good and if it was just left at that, that probably would have been enough to get some positive buzz for this game for the first time since it was announced.

Videos like this just distract from that. Shame.

Iancranium1942d ago

An Australian actor thank you. SO yes, cheap and unheard of, but also an Aussie accept! woot

Gamesgbkiller1942d ago

I liked the demo alot .
I kinda liked the new dante ...
this DMC will be better than DMC4 ..
My opinion :)

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