What Does The DMC Demo Say To You?

There has been a whole lot of discussion concerning the Devil May Cry reboot in development at Ninja Theory.

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ritsuka6661942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

I thought it was average to be honest. Typical Ninja Theory game. The gameplay just felt off to me. New Dante sucks balls too... Boss fight felt very basic and the combat didn't feel like DMC.

Jinkies1942d ago

"Pssst...don't buy me, don't buy me"

Thats what I heard from it

yami9301942d ago

Weird thats what it told me, and I heard an F you somewhere in there too

Mocat1938d ago

My wallet ran away as soon as i played the demo

smashcrashbash1942d ago

It was actually okay. I prefer old Dante but new Dante was the monster everyone seems to be painting him as. I especially like the living city thing where it was calling you names and telling you to go away. My only grip was the angel dash. When I needed to use it i keep double jumping instead. I wasn't a problem until i really needed it.Otherwise it seemed pretty solid to me. I understand people not liking new Dante but the game was no where as bad as people claimed it was.

b_one1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

new dante look is cool he looks like Sex Pistols/Exploited fanboy, old ones "me no like"

btw im new to series


he fits!

1938d ago
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