Eurogamer's FIFA Street 3 review

There is a great, great game yet to be made in this subset of the football sub-genre, where the depth of a beat-'em-up lurks beneath accessible showboating, but this isn't it. You can't really blame EA for not going that far - inevitably it would rather funnel that kind of resource into its bazillion-selling FIFA mother-series - and a lot of people will undoubtedly buy this and enjoy wasting an hour with it on a Sunday afternoon after lunch and before Football Italiano. There's no point pretending it's amazing, though, so Eurogamer won't; you'll know whether you're up for it or not, and the demo you can download from Xbox Live or PlayStation Network will have no trouble settling the question in your mind. Eurogamer like it, and the new graphical approach is an inspired choice, but they can't imagine paying 40 quid to add it to their heaving shelves.

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