An Open Letter to Ni No Kuni

Dear Ni No Kuni, please be good.

I’ve watched gameplay videos and mumbled my way through development diaries. I’ve poured over previews and whistled your theme tune. I’ve looked at scans of your reviews in Japanese magazines and marked your release date on my calendar. I’ve got one of your screenshots set as my wallpaper. I’ve done my part, now it’s up to you. All you have to do is be good. Really good.

[Richard Murphy, Thunderbolt]

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Abash1981d ago

I seriously hope gamers go out and buy this game, they have no idea how much supporting Ni No Kuni would mean for the industry. Level 5 hardly makes console games anymore and the Japanese are shying away from JRPGs on consoles like Ni No Kuni, so buying this game would help keep Level 5 making console games and show other developers that JRPGs can still be successful in today's market

Canary1981d ago

I agree. I mean, I'm happy with all the great JRPGs on handhelds and all, but there's just something magical about playing a good, colorful JRPG on a big screen.

Only games that have really given me that fix this gen have been Eternal Sonata and Vesperia.

sashimi1981d ago

I wouldn't mind it on the Vita either, that screen would do the game justice.

rdgneoz31981d ago

And a colorful JRPG on a big screen made with the help of Studio Ghibli (they have a ton of amazing animated movies) is even better. Can't wait to see the story and hoping it has the option for original voice actors with subs.

Preordered it a while ago when Newegg was having the deals for $12 off along with the free shipping.

majiebeast1981d ago

They should stop making Inazuma 11 games and make Dark cloud 3 for vita or ps3. Wkc was decent from them but the early footage of the games fighting system looked alot better.

I will always support lvl 5 just for the fact that they made the best jrpg on the ps2, Dragonquest 8.

Tdmd1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

On that topoic, where the hell is Dragonquest 8 HD?! I want to play it again on my ps3!

Tewi-Inaba1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

I have it on my jp ds
does that count?
also and Inazuma is fairly popular in japan, Level 5 is in abit of trouble but they aren't That bad off.

It's their western market that's

MattS1981d ago


White Knight Chronicles
White Knight Chronicles 2
Ni No Kuni
3 different Inazuma games on Wii

3 JRPGs and 3 other games in a single generation is a hell of an output for a team of 200 people. Especially since on the PS2 they only published five games.

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Bathyj1981d ago

Please make a Princess Mononoke game.

Julie1981d ago

That would be so awesome :O


Aggesan1981d ago

This guy will be disappointed. No game can live up to your expectations when you to set the bar that high. Well, very few atleast.

Der_Kommandant1981d ago

No better way to start 2013

Sigh1981d ago

Supporting this game 110% Buying it first day.

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