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Valve’s Ultimate Plan


Quote: "A few nights ago I was browsing the internet as I usually do, totally not looking for porn or anything of that sort, and I stumbled upon a very interesting link entitled which when clicked on, shows a countdown timer and the words, “Rise and shine…”

Naturally, the Valve fanboy in me went crazy with anticipation with one half of my person attempting frivolously to drum into my head, the words, “it could be fake,” but it didn’t matter how many times I told myself that in an attempt to calm down, I kept thinking of the next iteration in gaming’s holy grail and going wild again.

That was, until I stumbled upon a realisation which I thought I would share with you all today. I believe I’ve uncovered Valve’s ultimate plan, wait let’s try this again, I believe I’ve uncovered Valve’s Ultimate Plan®. Hear me out for a moment, as I list all of the possible threequels that Valve still owes the world. And by owes the world, I mean have yet to release, not some self-entitled fanboy bullshit. What? "

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Community1766d ago
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ATi_Elite1766d ago

Day of Defeat 3?......what happen to Day of Defeat 2? Sure Valve made Day of Defeat and Day of Defeat Source but the Source was just DoD on the Source engine and had a few tweaks here and there!

Red Orchestra 2 is like the best WWII game ever made until Red Orchestra 3 and I just see Valve moving towards the future and leaving WWII over with!

DotA 3.....not for a long time if ever! Valve is still tweaking DotA2 to perfection and it's a long process! The Moba Genre is still fairly New and rushing out sequels is not in anyones interest especially as most Mobas are esports!

Counter Strike 3........Forget about it!

Team Fortress 3......Nope! TF2 will get major updates FOREVER!

Portal 3 OK now your on to something! Approved

Ricochet 2 or something will hit iPhones sometime this century. Approved

Left 4 Dead 3 YEP but in a MMO format! Approved

and now the Grand Daddy of them all Half Life 2 episode 3 (there is NO HL3 the cake is a lie)! Approved

Now what you so miserably FAILED to mention is the new IP's from Valve including some huge Action/Strategy/Physics based MMO Valve has in the works!

Really we all are just guessing unless you work at Valve Corporation but New IP's from Valve is the one to look out for along with Half Life 2 Episode 3!

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

"Left 4 Dead 3 YEP but in a MMO format! Approved "
I agree.

Needs this.

also their secret space game. I hope it's huge. Valve needs to make a huge open game.

It's to the point I can't imagine valve not being here. They are a very important game company.

konnerbllb1766d ago

I'm sorry but DoD and DoD Source are much different. I used play DoD every day after school back in the day, when it became a steam title much of the game was changed. The entire feel of the game is different. As a gamer, would consider DoD the mod Game 1 and DoD Source Game 2.

3-4-51765d ago

Day of Defeat 3 would be awesome. Same with Team Fortress 3.

The rest I could do without.