Meet The Actor Who Plays Dante In DmC Devil May Cry

Meet Tim Phillipps, the actor playing Dante in the new Devil May Cry.

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ritsuka6661848d ago

Ugly, extremely, excessively, ugly this guy ... ( and new Dante too) ;3

crxss1841d ago

still looking forward to DmC. hope they've fixed the issues from the demo.

Kran1848d ago


I'm glad I'll never be friends with you with that attitude.

FEARprototype1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

ok i can understand that you hate the new DMC but what did the guy that voices the new dante that you hate so much do to you?

very immature DX

i seriously want devil may cry 5 and i hope capcom think very hard about what the fans want.
i treat the new DMC as a spin-off and i hope it to be a good game even if ninja theory insulted me or whatever, i only care about the end result XD

calis1848d ago

The Dante design model reminds me of Hayden whatshisname who played Anakin in Star Wars for some reason.

Kran1848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )


omi25p1844d ago

Congratulations on sending me stupid PMs then blocking me when i respond. I award you 1 c**t point

calis1844d ago

lol, you sent me the PM to have a cry about a comment I made. You're not worth my time so I blocked you.

Life. Get one. Loser.

omi25p1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

So me explaining why i think LIVE is a useful service somehow warrents a sad and desperate fanboy comment attempting to belittle me and make to attempt to show me up on this PS3 Fans wet dream of a website.

Then i defend myself with the reason i enjoy LIVE so you then become a Grammar Nazi and block me.

Yes you're right i have no life, because i am the one writing silly little comments trying to get a reaction off of people on the internet.

Also you have no idea about the quality of my life, so have no ability to comment on it.

Good luck, have fun, keep trolling.

calis1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

Lol, this is your first PM to me:

"its OMI dick head.

And i spend £30 not you're monopoly money the $"

At what point is that explaining or defending yourself.

THEN you decided to find a comment I posted (days ago) and reply to it to explain that you are angry because I blocked you.

Yeah I am right, you need a life. And you are dumber than you sound.


Phil321848d ago

If he has Phillip in his name, he must be good.

JellyJelly1848d ago

I could swear it was Justin Bieber...

Army_of_Darkness1848d ago

It's like saying, all white dudes look the same. Haha!

PopRocks3591848d ago

Seems like a fine enough fellow. Doesn't make me interested in the game though.

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