I now suddenly love Halo after 11 years of total, uninterrupted indifference towards the Chief

GamesRadar - This might not be news to some of you, but it turns out that Halo is really good. I made this discovery rather rapidly last weekend. Rapidly, that is, following 11 years of total derision. Because I previously couldn't stand it.

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aviator1891978d ago

It's always great to see people become fans of franchises after some time.

Xristo1978d ago

I wholeheartedly agreed, although I am not a Halo fan. We love to hate on franchises but nobody is stopping you from being a fan of MULTIPLE franchises.

BattleTorn1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

Well, you got some catching up to do. (If you really become a fan of the lore, don't over look ODST)

"There’s no fear of the cheap bullet-hell onslaught and attritional grind that ‘certain games’ bring in such situations."


Knight_Crawler1978d ago

I use to hate on Halo and never understood the hype but after playing Halo 3 it all made sense and I have been hooked ever since.

I have not played ODST and will be picking it up this xmas.

I did buy the Halo CE anniversary and loved it.

Will not buy Halo 2 until the announce an anniversary edition but from what I heard its up there with Halo CE.

BattleTorn1978d ago

I should mention ODST is very different.

Psychonaughty1978d ago

A warning then, Halo 2's campaign is the worst of the whole series, it's really an afterthought as the mp took mainstage. All of the other games have campaigns worth playing through mind (except Reach which was generic and boring). Get ODST for sure though, it's campaign was excellent.

TekoIie1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

Leave ODST alone lol :D

People complain about how easy games are these days and so I dare everyone to try and complete it on legendary solo!!!!

WeAreLegion1978d ago

Still hate the story. :/ What am I missing?

Lvl_up_gamer1978d ago

Not everyone is going to like the story.

Believe it or not, there are people out there that don't like the God Father movie is is ranked as the greatest movie ever made.

A story is just a story, no matter how deep the Lore is. Not everyone has the same taste in stories.

If you don't like the story when waste your time in this article typing that you hate the story?

Sounds like trolling to me. Nobody really cares if you like it or not. Just like nobody really cares that the writer is now a fan of the franchise.

ATi_Elite1978d ago

The Story is what it is and most likely would make a good movie if done right! I like the story!

I just don't like the GAME! You fight the same 3 enemies with the SAME exact A.I. tree until a Boss and then move to another area and repeat!

Now granted in Half Life 2 you fight Combine but they all have a different A.I. tree which makes each encounter TOTALLY Different!

The repetitive nature of the A.I. in Halo makes Halo SP not fun for me but the MP was sure fun!

WeAreLegion1978d ago

Makes sense. Thanks for the replies, guys! I really do want to enjoy the series. :/

Lvl_up_gamer1976d ago

Same 3 Aliens?

This makes no sense. You say you like the story but seem to neglect the fact that the Covenant alone consists of 8 different Aliens.

- Elites
- Grunts
- Jackals
- Hunters
- Engineers
- Prophets
- Brutes
- Drones

Then you have the Flood which also has mutated

- Elites
- Hunters
- UNSC Marines
- Brutes
- Parasite
- Carriers
- Stalker
- Venus flytrap mutation - able to stick to walls and shoot from it's mouth.

Now in Halo 4 we are introduced to

- Nights
- Crawlers
- Watchers

So I am pretty confident that that list there is much more then 3 enemies.

But someone who actually knew the story would know that.....

Jek_Porkins1978d ago

I think some people like to hate on popular things without actually trying to them. Halo is a great franchise and so much more than a first person shooter, I have all of the Halo games, including the Halo Wars Collectors Edition.

Great franchise and nice to see someone come around to the series. Halo 4 is by far my favorite in the series now.

ElementX1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

Frankly I really don't remember most storylines from games I've played. Call me a bad person however I just don't care about storylines. I just do as I'm asked and kill who/whatever I need to and move on.

Psychonaughty1978d ago

That's the definition of shallow, make some effort and the rewards are worth it!

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