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Submitted by Avernus 1175d ago | video

CVG | Far Cry 3: PS3 vs. 360 gameplay comparison video

We put in plenty of time with the shooter to bring you our 9.4 Far Cry 3 review in which we said the shooter is "one of this year's best games" and "an experience you have to sink your (bloody) teeth into".

While we were at it we also captured footage from the console versions to bring you the Far Cry 3 PS3 vs. 360 gameplay comparison video you can view below. Which version, if any, are you planning on picking up? (Far Cry 3, PS3, Xbox 360)

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DoomeDx  +   1175d ago
I hate comparisons like this where both version have 50% of the screen..

having 2 screens both at 100% would be way better Because in that cage you can see a lightsource at the left (Xbox360 side). Which is not visible on the ps3 because of the video. making it look like the xbox360 has better lightning. While the ps3 has that lightsource too, but its just not visible

If you know what i mean? I suck at explaining things lol.

EDIT: Nevermind later in the video he changed it.
It looks like the typical Dark version (xbox) vs Bright version (ps3).
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Welshy  +   1175d ago
"It looks like the typical Dark version (xbox) vs Bright version (ps3)."

Took the words right out of my mouth! Alot of people don't seem to realise even now, that a darker game isn't actually the better looking one.

I personally found playing the same game on both PS3 and 360, that the harsh dark contrast most 360 games use actually kill alot of the details making the PS3 look "washed out". In actual fact, alot of PS3 titles actually more resemble their PC counterparts but in lower res, where 360 alters it, so it looks "better" on their platform as a direct comparison to other console games as opposed to a comparison the the PC. Battlefield 3 is a pretty decent example of this.

It isn't washed out at all, thats the colour scope and detail that was intended to be there, but naturally isnt as high res as the PC, so by crushing said colours and contrasts on 360 it hides them to make it look "better".

To be honest, aren't these comparisons getting a little old hat now anyway? we're on the brink of the next gen in a year, 2 years max, and we still see arguments over negligible differences in lighting and some textures.

Bottom line? PS3 and 360 are nigh on identical and to base any purchase or compaints on minor differences like the video shown above? That's just plain tedium or being a fanboy.

Choose your platform, buy your games and have fun! Nothing else matters in gaming at the end of the day!
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Ju  +   1174d ago
I think so, too. I thought the lighting engine was better in the PS3 version and probably more sophisticated and closer to the PC implementation. Otherwise both version look identical. The over saturation might be a design decision. But it definitively shows a higher range. Cool, looks good. Have to get it ASAP.
roartj  +   1174d ago
I switched on full range RGB on my PS3 settings. My oh my...all the multiplatform games on PS3 became almost identical to the XBOX360. Some had more screen tearings others less and there were some tiny lighting differences. But apart from that they were identical.
Kur0  +   1174d ago
If you're tv isn't set to full range 0-255 RGB then you're just crushing blacks and losing detail for the higher saturation.
Mocat  +   1174d ago
xbox looks better
Kinger8938  +   1175d ago
Seems to be missing a platform
Avernus  +   1175d ago
No. Title said PS3 and xbox 360 comparison. Both consoles were in the video.

I know what you meant, but yeah...
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Kinger8938  +   1175d ago
I know :) just saying they should put pc in these things too
Avernus  +   1175d ago
...why?...I think it's common knowledge PC is superior. So it makes more sense comparing the platforms that are similar to each other.

It comes like comparing a multiplat game on the Wii, PS3, and xbox 360.
Kinger8938  +   1174d ago
Just personally want to see if its much better as ive just moved into new place and pc is upstairs consoles downstairs, want to see if its worth the hassle of bringing the pc downstairs to play it on the couch, sorry should have said
DoomeDx  +   1175d ago
@ Avernus.

So what? Comparisons are not meant to be competitions all the time.

Its fun to see the PC next to the consoles.
Why does everyone see gaming as competition..
cannon8800  +   1175d ago
@ DoomeDx

You've been on n4g for a long time and you still don't know how people here are and act like? We can't change their minds. It sucks but it's the truth. I just ignore them because even if I write the most truthful statement, I'll be bombarded with disagrees just because they feel I attacked their console. Just ignore them man.
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vickers500  +   1175d ago

It's not meant to be fun, these comparisons are meant to help decide which version of the game to buy, and anyone with a gaming PC already knows which one to buy, so there's no point in including the pc version in these comparisons.

I'm not saying they shouldn't show pc footage at all, but they definitely do not need to be in these comparison videos. Besides, if you want to see pc footage, you can just go to youtube. User uploaded footage of pc games tend to be far superior in video quality to these comparison vids.
MasterCornholio  +   1175d ago
Both look the same to me except for a slight difference in contrast. Like i said on youtube im happy that they didn´t ruin the PS3 version.


Well thats because this game didn´t come out on the Wii U. The PC version is almost never included in these types of comparisons because it´s common knowledge that it will be better than the console versions unless the developers screw up.
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seanpitt23  +   1175d ago
The ps3 is so much lighter for some reason
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Hicken  +   1175d ago
It always is, in these comparisons. It's odd, because my PS3 games never look so... pale.
seanpitt23  +   1175d ago
I know all my ps3 games don't look so bright it's like the tv has got max brightness settings on
BuLLDoG909  +   1175d ago
the reason these comparisons always have the ps3 version looking paler is because they have the RGB setting to "Limited" rather then "Full RGB" in the PS3's display settings.
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StanSmith  +   1175d ago
Guys, please tell me your PS3s aren't set to RGB Full? It Should be on limited when connected to a TV and Full on a PC Monitor.
j4re  +   1175d ago
Thank you STANSMITH. it drives me nuts when I hear the whole "it needs to be set to RGB full" over and over. Go ahead people and crush those blacks. Do a little research into it. You RGB full folks might just learn something.
greenpowerz  +   1175d ago
Thanks stan.

Some Sony fans actually don't know what the settings are for or what they do. They use to say Super White wasn't turned on.

The point of the comparisons is not to match what a game looks like at home with various gear and quality levels but to show the differences between consoles. The 360 version doesn't look like that on my 360/TV either but with these comparisons I know the 360 version isn't gimped.

Has anybody ever stopped and realise the devs might gimp the color range due to memory limitations? High color range is info just like anything else hense why many PS3 games are at a lower resolution.
roartj  +   1174d ago
Have you switched on "full range RGB" I can promise you that you will not see that difference anymore. ;-)
zero_cool  +   1175d ago
I sense game trailers type comparison trickery with cvg's comparison video.

Cheers Gamers & Happy Holidays!

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WetN00dle69  +   1175d ago
The Game looks great on consoles!
Ju  +   1174d ago
Totally agree! Vastly improved over FC2. And I thought that was quite good, too.

BTW: Looking at those videos in the link I have the feeling the PS3 version is quite improved over the 360 version. A little less tearing (even though it still does), but better distance "bluring" (360 out of focus is blurred quite a bit), awesome AA without blur (!) and overall better lighting (sharper picture). Surprise, surprise. Both videos set to 720p, of course. But maybe that's just me.
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esemce  +   1175d ago
I will be playing this on PC as the screen tearing on consoles in really bad.
WetN00dle69  +   1175d ago
Its not that bad, many of us wont really pay attention to the screen tearing. I know i wont.
Blastoise  +   1175d ago
Turn the brightness down on your TV slightly on PS3.

Now they're exactly the same

StanSmith  +   1175d ago
No, don't do this! The PS3 version is how it's supposed to look. The 360 version is wrong.

It's the 360 version where people need to turn their brightness up as it crushes blacks and detail within shadows etc. it's a known issue with it's gpu. Some devs correct it but most don't.

Also, PS3 users, turn RGB Full off. It should be set to limited unless you're using a PC Monitor. Stop trying to match the 360 image's darkness as you're removing detail from the game.

It's the same with WiiU. In comparisions, has nobody noticed that the WiiU screens/Videos are lighter just like the PS3?
roartj  +   1174d ago
Or switch on "full range RGB" on PS3 setting. Now you can leave the TV alone! ;-)
StanSmith  +   1174d ago
Turning RGB to full range degrades the picture quality on a HDTV. You're making the image worse, not better.

Stop trying to match the 360s darker image! The PS3 is how it should look!

Please do some research! You should calibrate your tv too with a calibration disc. If you did, your games would look better than these comparisons as you'll see a lot more detail, with a lot more natural colours.

It baffles me that people spend hundreds on TVs then don't bother to calibrate them to get the best out of them!
Klonopin  +   1175d ago
Great job on all platforms, Far Cry 3 is awesome.
ginsunuva  +   1175d ago
It's like comparing iron and nickel, when there's a pile of gold sitting right next to them.
taquito  +   1175d ago
they don't include the pc version because it is not even in the same generation as consoles, consoles are on 2005 era tech, pc is beyond what ps4/nextbox will be, two generations past, its the future

its like asking why cheetahs don't compete in the special olympics sprint

it would just be cruel
Locksus  +   1175d ago
Seriously, we KNOW that the PC will always be superior, graphically, to the console versions. We know that, and we don't need some PC elitist telling us that in every graphics comparison article.

Seriously, PC is an amazing platform but PC fanboys are worse than console fanboys.
specialguest  +   1175d ago
Both are identical with the very typical comparison results of the 360 displaying darker contrast and looks more vibrant, and the PS3 lighter. The darker contrast looks more pleasing to the eyes, even if it's flawed in terms of contrast calibration. You don't ever want contrast too dark that it hides different layers of details. Then again, most people's TV are not calibrated correctly anyway, so it doesn't matter.
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StanSmith  +   1175d ago
Exactly. I wished more people knew it is actually a fault with the 360's gpu. With proper calibration of your TV set though, you can correct it. Too many PS3 owners are trying to match the 360's darker image when the PS3 version has the correct image.
Candy1  +   1175d ago
How can they both run synchronized when both infernal tech handles processing differently? Just a preemptive cross mask if you ask me Performance will be noticeably deciding in gameplay.
finbars75  +   1175d ago
Who cares about the comparisons the game is going to be epic with a story driven SP with great acting and gameplay.This game needs to be looked at for the game that it is overall not some stupid comparison.
sandman224  +   1175d ago
I'll buy the version with faster loading times and less screen tears.
Braid  +   1175d ago
Vaas looks slightly crazier in the PS3 version. Other than that, there's no difference at all.
DigitalAnalog  +   1175d ago
I'm spying with my little eye:
That while they may seem "identical", NOTICE that the PS3 has a few lines off in their resolution below the border. I predict Digital Foundry will note that the PS3 is running at a lower resolution (if that is what is really being rendered on screen) regardless - smaller res is just a few lines anyway.
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firefly69  +   1175d ago
I saw a black pigeon on the 360 and one white on the PS3 and thats it!Now please buy the game or pirate it on the console of choise!
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StreetsofRage  +   1175d ago
The problem is that this is an open world game and the ps3 has shown to have problems with some like Skyrim, Fallout 3, GTA4, and Red Dead. That's the real comparison.

Seriously tho, it's time for next gen. I imagine this on PC max settings destroys the console version. It's time!
Ju  +   1174d ago
Somehow Ubi must have totally forgotten about that. Because this game has none of those issues. I am impressed by that game. Wow.
PersonMan  +   1174d ago
Screen tearing kills me.
djinieyes  +   1168d ago
Full RGB for gaming on HD TV's, always. The TV is made to handle the full range. If you turn it off the picture looks washed out. For those saying you should keep it off, you are incorrect. Use YCrCb or limited range for movie's and TV. These settings are also available on 360.
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