N4G Radio 02/18/2008

The boys return for an epic show this week including the latest releases such as Lost Odyssey, Endless Ocean, Twisted Metal and of course Devil May Cry 4. They also break down the latest NPD numbers, discuss the issue of piracy in gaming and deliver some thoughts on Sony's upcoming Home service.

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HeartlesskizZ3746d ago

im still listening to it =D

T_O873745d ago

i started listening to the podcast a month ago you guys are good keep up the good work

Syko3746d ago

LMAO at the Crocodile Hunter Blast....To SOON To SOON! lol. Also everything you were saying about home is what I was figuring it would be. Oh well I have my PS3 now and as long as it has something close to Achievements to feed my addiction I am cool with it.

TwissT3745d ago

Awesome intro, kudos to who made it.

DrPirate3745d ago

What a great intro, great podcast guys.

TwissT3745d ago

I acctually litsened to the whole thing... Yes I had nothing better to do.

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