Wii U Sold Out Until March, 3 Million Sales By Christmas - Pachter

NowGamer: "Pachter offers his thoughts on the Wii U sales, and predicts a healthy launch for Nintendo."

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Neonridr2214d ago

What a moron. "The Wii U will fail", "The Wii U is priced right", "I just don't get the Wii U and I don't think gamers will as well", "The Wii U had a healthy launch and now it will be sold out until March". I swear this guy flip-flops more than a fish out of water. I think he does this so that if the Wii U failed, he could proclaim the he all told us so. And if it succeeded, then he pretends like he saw it all along.

What an idiot.

TimmyShire2214d ago

I agree. I've seen a lot of comments from Pachter were he literally changes his opinion between sentences. Man's a fool.

aceitman2214d ago

There is hundreds on eBay and not really selling well. And stores have in stock.

Neonridr2214d ago

ebay is a poor sample pool considering people are all trying to sell them for like $800 bucks. And everywhere around me is sold out.

MegaLagann2214d ago

Black Friday is where the massacre will begin.

cee7732214d ago

Well eBay is supply and demand remember when ps3 launched they were selling upwards to 1000$ dollars on eBay because of the shortage there also multiple deaths and robberies rather it way launch or around the time it was pandamonium

But as far Wii U it will be fine there will be artificial shortages to stimulate sales that's the politics with new hardware and new hardware always sells out at launch but will it be able to keep up the momentum that is the question we'll just have to wait and see.

victoryscreeeeeech2214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )

its selling well its just not sold out.

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dredgewalker2214d ago

It's really mind boggling that he has a job like this when he's so incompetent at it, kinda makes you wonder what kind of people are running this industry.

Knight_Crawler2214d ago

Calling Patch a moron is an insult to all morans.

ahronith2214d ago

If Wii U is sold out, then why do 2 Walmarts, Target and Best Buy have multiples of both versions just sitting on shelfs where I live ??? Here comes the fake hype Nintendo loves to create...

quantae062214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )

Really!? I need to go over there for when I buy my Wii U console. I only have AC3 for it, but I haven't bought the console yet due to $$ over-budgeting. Where I live at they are sold out & I'm not bulling. This man came in with his wife and said he looked all over the city and couldn't find one. He then went to Hastings, where they only had 2 left and he bought one. I'm sure someone got that last one. They are sold out at Gamestop, Walmart & Hastings where I stay at.

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Dailynch2214d ago

Maybe if Nintendo made more consoles for launch we wouldn't have to deal with this manufactured drought!

chadboban2214d ago

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't you say you weren't going to buy one anyway? And if so, why should you care about how much consoles are manufactured by Nintendo?

Summons752214d ago

You do know manufacturing consoles cost money right? You do realize that there is never a guarantee that something will see right? You do know nintendo isn't stupid and won't over produce on the off chance that it won't sell right?

Welcome to the world of business. You have to guess how many to make to one not spend a lot until you regain some of the money spent and that if you don't sell well you don't have a warehouse full of things that nobody wants. Yeah it's a Nintendo product so it's guaranteed to sell like hotcakes but it is also a new system not many people know about, unsure if it is worth it and a new controller that is alien to people right now so a lot of people will hold on a purchase until they get to demo it, see it live in action, or know that there are games that will justify their purchase. Obviously the only thing someone in their shoes could do is guesstimate and hope that it's enough. They are selling the system at a loss so they can't produce too much and risk ruining themselves by gaining a debt they won't be able to get out of. Being sold out until March maybe over exaggerating a lot but it's look like the Wii launch again and finding a system will be hard for a long time.

MegaLagann2214d ago

That would be like if someone suggested we make more money to get out of the deficit. You can't just make more.

kneon2214d ago

Except that's essentially what many governments have been doing. And that is not going to end well.

chaos-lockheart2214d ago

There's still plenty of wii U's around my area

jbgamer2213d ago (Edited 2213d ago )

Really where do you live, how about some photos from your phone showing the systems in the store? Yeah, the wii u IS SELLING OUT EVERY WHERE, COME ON ALL YOU FOLKS WHO SAY our stores have plenty of wii u's .. PROVE IT! WERE DO YOU LIVE SO WE CAN CALL THE STORES OUR SELVES, WHERE ARE THE CELL PHONE VIDEOS THAT SHOW THE WII U NOT SELLING..


chaos-lockheart2213d ago


Walmart and target, i don't need to prove anything, doesn't matter what you believe me or not, doesn't get me a free wii u

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PrivateRyan2214d ago

Wii U will probably sell well, just as Wii did

I think it's the gaming experience it will/won't provide that people are questioning atm

WeAreLegion2214d ago

I took this picture this morning.

There are two in there.

WeAreLegion2214d ago

Also, check out my sweet shoes in the reflection.

beerkeg2214d ago

Wow, a whole two consoles that haven't sold. Yeah you're right, it definitely isn't selling very well.

Raccoon2214d ago

Where did he state that it wasnt selling very well?

MidnytRain2214d ago

bubbled down for paranoia and defensiveness

Neonridr2214d ago

Crow, at my local Walmart, they put empty boxes inside the display case. They even had to put a note on the outside saying that those weren't real Wii U boxes.

Not saying that is the case there, but just something to note.

WeAreLegion2214d ago

Oh, no. It's selling incredibly well. I was just showing you guys. ^_^ These were the actual consoles, by the way. Every other store in town is completely sold out, btw.

GuruStarr782214d ago

Yeah, but who really wants the white version?

for $300 (versus 350 for the deluxe) you only get 8gb of memory, no stands and no game...

informed people would hold out and get the deluxe, where for only $50 more, you get a game, extra memory and all the stands and charger...

Although, I'd still be willing to bet that those two systems sitting there won't last the weekend..

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CaptainYesterday2214d ago

So just today I realized I wanted a Wii U, something's wrong with my Wii so why not upgrade.

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