Del Toro’s Insane picked up by new developer, release “a good two years” away

Guillermo Del Toro’s stab at videogames seemingly ended when THQ’s financial woes prompted them to cancel his Insane trilogy, but the acclaimed director has found a new developer who “loves the package.”

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Summons752009d ago

sigh.....I was looking forward to playing it next year. But I suppose 2 years of silence should have meant that it was all but dead

SlavisH22009d ago

this will be a next gen game

NYC_Gamer2009d ago

I agree,because it makes no sense to keep it as current gen.

HarryMasonHerpderp2009d ago

This is good news I was really disappointed when it got cancelled.

izumo_lee2009d ago

I wonder who this developer or publisher is going to be? It is either Activision or EA one of those i would figure or a slight possibility of one of the Big 3 thus making it exclusive to said system.

Sony & Microsoft are good platforms for a game like this, the dark horse is Nintendo but seeing as they are trying really hard to gain 3rd party support it could happen.

Skate-AK2009d ago

Im guessing Ubisoft bought it.

porkChop2009d ago

It would be a good idea for him to position it as a launch title for next gen consoles.

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