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StickSkills said, "Ninja Theory’s reboot of the popular Devil May Cry series was initially met with disdain by some, partly due to the fact that the game featured a radically different aesthetic and a younger, more arrogant Dante with dark hair. Of course, most of this criticism was conducted without actually witnessing or playing any of the game. Finally, however, we have a playable demo, so that the praise and condemnation can finally have a tangible basis. The verdict? DmC: Devil May Cry is awesome—really awesome, and fans of the series that can look past a trite character revamp will find the game they’ve always loved."

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wanieldiik1977d ago

It was suprisingly really enjoyable. Although, it felt a little too easy even on the hardest difficulty on the demo, that was like a big slap in the face. But I really enjoyed it nonetheless

Lionheart3771977d ago

Can't wait for the official release.

LOGICWINS1977d ago

With DMC, it's not just about beating your opponents, its about doing so in the most badass way possible. THATS where the challenge comes from.

ChronoJoe1976d ago

Actually the harder difficulties on older DMC games were challenging in themselves.

What you say isn't untrue, but it's a bit of both, the game should be challenging too. Killing your enemies in the most badass way possible involves not getting hit at all, and that needs to be challenging in itself for what you achieve to be at all bad-ass.

showtimefolks1977d ago


ign video preview said after first few missions the difficulty goes up a lot

its DMC so it will be hard in some areas but how did the 30FPS felt?

also this game wants you to kill with style and try as many different ways as possible

Blacktric1977d ago

"ign video preview said after first few missions the difficulty goes up a lot "

And they're trustworthy how? Especially if you consider their YouTube channel is plastered with DmC ads. Also, if the leaked info about the ending is true, when the game comes out and people actually finish it, it'll create an even bigger clusterf*ck than we've seen with Mass Effect 3's ending.

Jinkies1977d ago

Yeah I was going to say IGN and any other big name site arn't trust worthy

All of a sudden we've been getting the same old "We love dmc articles" and "Capcom/NT turned fans"....and the way they are written, they are just too perfect almost like it was scripted.

In my opinion Capcom have obviously paid people off.

showtimefolks1977d ago

well don't kill the messenger i just wrote what i saw, doesn't mean i trust them or anything

but i think capcom releasing the demo shows a lot of confidence, we all remember enslaved where a lot of people were so excited than the demo was released and game sales went down heavily

ign has a long history of doing previews where they say everything is fine and plays great only to be released with a 6.5/10.

-Mika-1977d ago

I agree. I loved the demo. Once I saw the loading screen, I instanly knew I wasn't going to be disappointed. The game was fast-pace and the combat system has been simplified.

I think the DmC haters will finally shut up because the demo proved them wrong. Ninja theory kept true to the DMC name and actually made the combat more fun in my opinion.

Hanso1977d ago

SOS mode should have been normal mode the game is made for noobs.
DmC Target Audience Noobs and Casuals

yami9301976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

The demo was horrible, the loading screen lead me into huge disappointment, because the loading screen combat look smooth and pretty good, and then you play it, and you see how unresponsive, easy, and slow it really is, framerate didnt not even maintain 30fps, it was all just bad. Demo did more harm than good imo, it basically showed there is reason to hate this game.

Baka-akaB1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

Not making a lot of sense there Mika . You said yourself the combat system has been simplified , and that is precisely one of the major issues "haterz" got with the game .

If anything it proved them right , at least where it matters for them .

Obviously it is simplified in a good way FOR YOU . Just admit to yourself that it aint for others .

Ridiculously enough , folks like you will only be able to boast and gloat when and if the sales figures are good . And if the sales figures ends up bad or underwhelming , it will be yet another bunch of excuses and blame game

Megaplaynate1976d ago

My brother defended the game till yesterday when he downloaded the demo, he tried to convince himself that it was good, but couldn't play more than 15 minutes, after that he just left the controller on the couch and said "well, this game is worse than 4".

shempo1976d ago

go back to lighting and shut up thx

execution171976d ago

was in a chatroom on psn with other die hard dmc fans and they hated the demo

prototypeknuckles1976d ago

dude this game isnt DmC its easy as hell, i shouldnt be button mashing and winning in a DMC game, the game feels so linear,and you say it was fast paced you obviously have not played DMC, bayonetta, vanquish, ninja gaiden 1 & 2, or MGS RISING if you think this game is fast paced and fluid combat

dragonrage001976d ago

"the combat system has been simplified"..."I think the DmC haters will finally shut up because the demo proved them wrong".

The former statement is the very reason the latter is wrong.


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dark-hollow1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

Its decent but its in no way the direction I would like DMC to go with IMO.

The combat is o.k, but falls flat compared to DMC 4, bayonetta or ninja gaiden fluidness. 30 frames is not acceptable for a fast paced game that empathizes on precision, and having enemies that REQUIRE you to kill them with a certain weapon kills the pace of the game especially if you are facing multiple enemies. No lock-on is a bummer too.

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Blastoise1977d ago

I thought the boss fight was fun

Hanso1977d ago

Here my impressions

No lock on is very shitty if you have 2 enemys in front of you and you want to stinger 1 of them.
Framerate on ps3 was ass during Cutscenes.
Style Ranking was toned down (good) but its still piss easy getting to S without any skill.
Normal Mode and Nephilim(Hard) are to easy .Dodge has to many invincibility frames!
...I swear this DmC is the wet dream of every DMC Noob

If SOS Mode (Very Hard) would have been Normal mode i would buy this game at release no kidding!
But as it is now ill wait for it to drop to 20€
I just dont like paying full price and then the game forces me to play normal(easy) to unlock Very Hard (Normal)

Also pls look

Pillsbury11977d ago

I came in with low expectations but surprised at the fun factor, makes me wanna play more god of war. Still don't like teenage emo Dante and weak wannabe v for vendetta story.

Vandamme211976d ago

How come I can't download the demo..I don't-like this new playstation store

Blastoise1976d ago

You gotta go under PS3 demo's, not under the pre-order DMC page. The new store sucks :(

Vandamme211976d ago

Everytime I click on the demo..all it says is add to doesn't say download demo

Transporter471976d ago

Just get used to it, and it's actually a lot better then the last store. Pretty easy to find stuff.

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