Dark Sector - 10 New Screens

Developed by acclaimed developer Digital Extremes, co-creators behind the award-winning Epic Game's Unreal franchise, Dark Sector thrusts players into the role of Hayden Tenno, an elite black-ops agent sent on a dangerous mission into a decaying Eastern European city that hides a deadly Cold War secret. Attacked by an unknown enemy, he awakens to find part of his body altered by an infection that has granted him inhuman abilities; now he must learn to evolve along with his powers, to survive and to become a hero. A dark, gritty experience packed with fast action, incredible superpowers and an engaging story; Dark Sector represents the next evolution of gaming.

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tony3807d ago

might be a sleeper hit.

decapitator3807d ago

Yeah but they should just get on with releasing the freaking game already. This was the first "next-gen" game every shown and yet is still not out. Wtf ? I mean come on really. REALLY.

Sevir043807d ago

I've been waiting for this game for a while.. like RE meets Uncharted and Gears of war.. with a Glaive I cant wait for it...

Coffin873807d ago

anyone remembering the first trailer?

where this guy was walking stealthy through a spaceship, installing some virus or whatever and killing some random bad dude.
there also was an extended version where he was fighting against an awesome giant robot killer machine.

i seriously liked the old concept a LOT more.

3807d ago
masterg3807d ago

This game needs hype. I looks and plays great.
Check out the image where the main character is fully transformed. Awesome.

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