Remembering Vagrant Story

SegmentNext - "The genius game developer, Yasumi Matsuno, announced his departure from Level 5 a couple of days ago."

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Tzuno1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

Remembering? Even now i wait for a sequel or a HD release. This game is masterpiece,damn son. Jesus Christ, Mary and Jojo and by the all that is holy i command you Reeelease it!!!.

psp2roundup1975d ago

Remember? Still play it on my Vita on a regular basis!

saint_seya1974d ago

One of the best games i ever played.. always wanted a the sequel x.x

Hicken1974d ago

My first experience with the game was when a friend brought it over. He played, and I watched... after a few moments, I found myself narrating, giving life to the lines of Ashley and Sydney with voices I made up on the spot.

It was hella fun.

Now I own it, myself. Darker games scare the crap outta me(games where there isn't much in the way of light) so it's taking me a while to get through it, but playing is MUCH better than just watching somebody else. Such a good game.

Yeah, a sequel or SOME sort of spiritual successor would be awesome.

DarkBlood1974d ago

i was a little suprised at the file size when i downloaded this lol

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