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At the MIrror's Edge of Industry Creativity

With the news yesterday Mirrors Edge 2 is going to happen, Paul takes a look back at the first game, if it deserved the criticism that it received and if the the gaming industry is unwilling to be creative. (Dev, Industry, Mirror's Edge, PS3)

tigertron  +   732d ago
I'm just surprised EA came up with this gem, even Dead Space.

I just hope EA doesn't mess this up and keeps things faitful to the original and not sacrifice campaign quality for the multiplayer, which it will most certainly have due to EA's recent comment about only making games with [tacked on] multiplayer.
vortis  +   732d ago
It wasn't EA...it was DICE.

Mirror's Edge could have happened regardless even if another publisher had stepped in. It wasn't like they were using anything proprietary from EA and it wasn't like anyone at EA was actually behind the game's art or design mechanics. They just published it. That was back when they were trying to win support from the community.
Pandamobile  +   732d ago
DICE is owned by EA, so yes, it was EA.
FaultyPixel  +   729d ago
all I can say is that if the sequel does go ahead, I'll be a happy man. Its good to see real innovation

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