PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: 10 tips from Seth Killian

Here’s the insider knowledge on how to beat PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale, from designer Seth Killian. Yep, that Seth Killian, of Street Fighter fame.

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Enmson2215d ago

I have it on my PS3 and on the vita so how can i play vs someone on my PS3 with my vita when i'm out or another place?
that's the only tip i want to know :(

Nitrowolf22215d ago

oh yea that's a good question TBH, but what I did was invite my dummy account to my friends list. On My ps3 I can log into the dummy one and invite who's ever at home that way

Thirty3Three2215d ago

Easy. Create a second acc on your ps3,and use that

Sagetech2215d ago

Indeed they haven't been clear about that but I'll attempt to explain. PSABR supports Cross-Play where you can invite a friend to play with you on a Vita if you're on PS3 and vice versa but as you can't be your own friend you can't invite yourself (assuming that the Vita and PS3 are on the same account). You'll need to create/use a second account on the PS3 console and add the Vita account as a friend if you want to play between them.

kratoz12092215d ago

By far this game Dominates Smash,
1 vs 1 is just awesome!!

360ICE2215d ago

One v one is awesome!
That particular element is vastly superior to Brawl. The rest of this vs Brawl I'd say comes down to taste.

Kiddcarter2214d ago

i hate sackboy so much in this game, i love the game though

Enmson2214d ago

lol toro is hard to beat too XD

Smokingunz2214d ago

Both kratoz and ice are smoking crack! There's no way. Allstars is better than smash bros! Only in your dreams! First of all, all-star roster cant hold a candle to smash brother's epic roster. secondly, the level design and music is just too epic for allstars compared to smash.

Godchild10202214d ago

The question you know that will be asked is; Have you played PSASBR?

While the game is awesome. I won't say its better than smash, but PSASBR can go toe to toe with Smash Brothers

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