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Call Of Duty Vita And The Irrelevance Of Game Reviews

TSA: "The photograph above, taken this morning, shows the game, which is a staggering £45, is the best selling game on the PSN. I don’t know the criteria for this in terms of timespan and I’m assuming it’s legit, but that’s a remarkable state of affairs whichever way you look at it." (Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified, PS Vita)

from the beach  +   957d ago
I laughed at "a staggering £45" - this is LIFE CHANGING MONEY!
andibandit  +   957d ago
I laughed too, but for different reasons.
sdozzo  +   957d ago
The name helped sell it. Hopefully, patches will make it better. Not awful but if there is a next one it won't fly off the shelves like before.
ronin4life  +   956d ago
The user reviews at metacritic stand around 50.

With quite a few positive reviews having popped up long before critic reviews, nearly all at once on BRAND NEW accounts, with others being near identical in previous review history... and ever since the suspicious positive burst the game has been replaced by users sacking the game until the aggregate has been rendered "average".
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XINTSUAI  +   956d ago
The game isn't as bad as some people are talking. It's excelent? NO! But deserves a 6/10. The multiplayer is cool.
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cpayne93  +   956d ago
Most users have all said the multiplayer is great. Sounds like its worthy of a 15 dollar purchase for its content, but definitely not 50.
XINTSUAI  +   956d ago
GraveLord  +   956d ago
No, it should be free! Screw those publishers, they doesn't deserve our money!
cpayne93  +   956d ago
What? I just said the content didn't match the price. Vita games can be priced from 30 to 50, why was this priced so high with little content? I wasn't advocating piracy or anything like that, not sure what you're trying to imply.

Maybe 15 is a little harsh, but I just about never buy games for over 30 bucks, so that's just me.
Hicken  +   956d ago
You work WAY too hard to defend Call of Duty.
medziarz  +   955d ago
it's definitely an awesome free-bee for the bundle
objdadon  +   956d ago
It depends on what u consider worth $50.00. I've already put in over 60 hours in multiplayer alone so I feel I've already got my money's worth. I loved uncharted vita but it cost 50.00 and once I finished the story there was nothing left. So I didn't consider that getting my money's worth! I've played on my vita longer than any other game with this game!
SonyStyled  +   956d ago
this is the thing that is common with the vita. reviewers will slam the game, but the consumers actually praise it as being pretty good. declassified got hammered in reviews, but in 500 user reviews the games averaged a 4/5? i think its the return of the sony curse again. look at it this way, the PS3 launched the same way. high price point with lots of hatred torwards it. people said the PS3 had no good games, it had several. same is said about the PSV, where it has several good games too. i have a launch PS3, 60gb, so i remember the hate torword it back in the day. its remarkable how similar the PS3 and PSv launches are. back in the day there was so many "Is the PS3 dead?" articles. well what are we seeing now regarding the PSV? i could go on and on, but im not. the thing is people/the media dont accept new hardware from sony for whatever unknown reason so they hate on it. this has all been seen before that ended 4 years ago. im glad theres people out there that have nothing better to worry about than to hate on something that at the end of the day has no real significant importance

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