What Game Is This? A Mega-Exclusive Xbox 360 Game Unveiling


"And you can glimpse it here - first. Yep, over the next two weeks, until our spanking new issue goes onsale, we're going to play an oh-so-cryptic game of name the, er, game."

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decapitator3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

GDC is definitely going to be big for Microsoft. Even the head honcho at GDC confirms it to Gameindustrybiz. Expect a lot of megatons from all three companies but especially Microsoft.

"BIZ: You get to hear a lot of big news in advance of the show. Last year you knew about Sony's PlayStation Home and LittleBigPlanet before any of us. Will there be any shocking revelations from Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo? What clues can you give us?

JM: Well James, do you own a 360? [Smiles]

BIZ: What should we expect from Microsoft's John Schappert at his keynote? Why do you think Microsoft chose Schappert (who's new to MS) over Shane Kim or Don Mattrick?

JM: As you alluded to in your previous question, GDC keynotes, both speakers and content, are mutually developed editorial sessions of the GDC. As such, we work with the platforms and other speakers to determine if the speaker and the content are a good fit for the show. Based on the content, John Schappert is exactly the right person to deliver this address."

Iamback3687d ago

So he smiled and that means something big? Ok.

Robeezy3687d ago

There are 4 parts, go to blog index to see the other 3. Part 4 is particularly interesting.

Nigglet3687d ago

First off, so every knows for sure, the picture on here is not the one on the website. My comment is that there is a FACE in the screenshot. At the very bottom slightly off center to the right. It looks like maybe some kind of mythic creature, like a goblin. But I'm not sure. Maybe someone could look and see if they recognize the race or who it is. Maybe, World of Warcraft?

sonarus3687d ago

if i had to take a guess i wouldnt say project offset. Probably an RPG or MMO'ish type of game but we'll see.

gamesR4fun3687d ago

must buy game the wallets already hurting enough this year :(

still pretty cryptic sure hope its a killer ip.

Mycococo3687d ago

lol, we'll see if ms is sheeiting or not soon.

SCThor3687d ago

cause eventually it gonna get ported.

avacadosnorkel3687d ago

CRAPCOM is a 360 whore

"Mega-Exclusive"... MEGA...MEGAMAN.

CAPCOM makes megaman

mikeslemonade3686d ago

Lack of games? The 360 is lacking games coming down the pipeline so they have to milk a game showing only tidbits everyday. Nintendo did that with Super Smash bros.

SCThor3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

and guess what?, is on PC too.

wageslave3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )


"Capcom is a Xbox 360 whore"

No. Capcom is a partner for Microsoft, and they both benefit.

And, I wouldnt be surprised at all. Capcom and MS have been working well together to the benefit of the gaming community.

I dont know what relationship Nintendo has to the IP though. Edit: It seems Megaman has appeared on Sega, Nintendo, Sony and Windows.

Megaman on Xbox 360 is pretty likely I'd say.

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decapitator3687d ago

Most people are saying the Golden Eye remake but who really knows ?

Dark_Vendetta3687d ago

I think it's something complete different. The screenshots show something in the snow and I don't think goldeneye or project offset are set in the snow. Gears of War 2 would be something really big but I also think snow wouldn't fit into the GoW atmosphere. Lost Planet 2? Not so big at all. 1080 snowboard game - also nothing big. We'll have to wait ..
PS: when does the GDC start exactly?

Fishy Fingers3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )


Also the caption pic shown above is NOT the one from the website. Im not sure if it holds any relevance to the article or not.

eLiNeS3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

Here's the pic from the article. Looks like a Planet sort of.

mintaro3687d ago

thanks for the tip crusader

sonarus3687d ago

i hate all this unnecessary speculation. I hope these guys arent oever exagerrating the word MEGA xbox exclusive. Cus if this is nothing to get excited about i'll be mad. Common msoft you owned last yr with games how bout you at least make an effort to own this yr too

SCThor3687d ago

, so expect something like that.

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conjurdevil3687d ago

I might be flamed for this but I would take a wild guess and go with crysis.

decapitator3687d ago

You not going to get flamed for it. Great post actually. But I highly doubt Crysis would be exclusive on a single console when EA is the publisher of the game.

conjurdevil3687d ago

you never know if they buy its exclustivity like with other games like mass effect which if you calculate is exclusive for exact 6 months!! and this game has been certified with best graphics and the pic depicts the same!! or come to think of it Gears 2 unvieling around GDC?!

decapitator3687d ago

Bioware the developers of Mass Effect were independent developers before EA acquired them. EA does not do exclusives. Mass Effect has been announced for the PC btw. I will go on a limb to say, if EA had acquired Bioware before released Mass Effect, the game would have had a simultaneous release on PC and 360.`

conjurdevil3687d ago

MS published it but when it went to EA it started with pc version thats what I am exactly saying Ms had bioware held with mass effect's exclsitivity for 6 months!! so who knows which game rights they get may it be timed exclusive also...

snoopgg3686d ago

this game has been reported as being a Ps3 exclusive on Doesn't mean things couldn't have changed since then, but I haven't heard anything.

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hella whip3687d ago

Its blatently Goldeneye.

Counter_ACT3687d ago

What the hell is a mega exclusive?

DethWish3687d ago

It's a millionth exclusive... ..? -.-'

Cryxen3687d ago

A 360 exclusive that's NOT coming to PC?

I'll bet any money this game comes to pc