PS3 Lost Planet Load Times Are Lightning After 5GB Install

The upcoming Lost Planet from Capcom is joining the ranks of Devil May Cry 4 and Everybody's Golf, coming with a 5GB installation on the PS3 which can take up to twenty-minutes to complete. The good thing about this though is that the PS3 game has lightning fast load-times following the installation.

The 5GB install that Capcom put on Lost Planet: Extreme Condition has been receiving quite a bit of negative press. We have been fortunate enough though to have received a pre-release copy of Lost Planet from Capcom, and have to report that the 5GB install is well worth it.

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Vip3r3923d ago

Good to hear but I'd rather keep my 5GB thanks.

3923d ago
eLiNeS3923d ago

Strange, I don't remember any long load times when I played it. I guess I will have to dust it off and see whats up.

Bazookajoe_833923d ago

If u played that game a few years ago u should tell capcom that someone has made that game before them, since it was released from capcom on 360 and pc 2007..

Xeikon3923d ago

Load times on the 360 were a couple of seconds.

pswi603923d ago

i just played thru the first 10 minutes on my 360 because i couldn't remember either, and i saw 1 loading screen for barely a unless there are worse loading times later on in the game i don't see what would be gained from an install.

i still stand by my original statement however; seems like thats the only way people can bash the ps3 is by complaining about 5gb of space on the standard hard drive.

eLiNeS3923d ago (Edited 3923d ago )

but then I would have to take it over to the Open Zone ------>

and I don't want to since I just got off a 4 day ban from this zone, lol

Lifendz3923d ago

not a big price to pay for me but I know some people are thinking "that's a good portion of my HDD". If this becomes a trend I think a lot of people will be upgrading their HDD's.

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decapitator3923d ago (Edited 3923d ago )

TO be honest, I don't even see what the big deal is about installing games on a console anyways.

TheHater3923d ago

people don't have a problem with it. It just that when we are force to install it, that when they have a problem with it. Take UT3 for example, I didn't had a problem installing it on my ps3, but DMC4 I did. People don't like it when they are force to do something in order to play the game.

rofldings3923d ago (Edited 3923d ago )

I don't have a problem with it, but I'm pissed that Capcom is making 5gb installs for 20 min. Every other developer that requires an install (very few) have their games under 2gb and installs in under 5 min, but not Capcom. Most games don't even require an install, so wtf Capcom stop porting the PC version to the PS3.?

TwissT3923d ago

Personnaly I don't care about the install, I care about the big chuck of space it takes up. I already have 22gb left in my ps3 and if every game for the ps3 had a 5gb install, I would either have to delete some of my stuff or upgrade my harddrive (which I do not have the money too).

cloud360-13th_acount3923d ago

Meh, i dont really like FPS

They should try gettign FPS and rpg together. i will do as much as i can to make it fail

Regret3923d ago

It's TPS. And tryout Deus Ex.

Sez 3923d ago

is this going to be the norm for ps3 onwers. to have to install 5 gigs just for a couple seconds faster load time. or is this just with capcom games so far

heyheyhey3923d ago

yeah pretty much only Cap games

Heavenly Sword had an install too, but it only took like 3 mins (not sure about the size, i think it was like 500mb or something)

and if i remember correctly, Motorstorm or Resistance (don't remember which one) had like a 200mb install that took like 30 secs

i think that's it so far, but if Uncharted can have the best console graphics so far, require no install and have almost no load times then i really don't see why this has to be the norm on PS3 (unless there is a need to protect the BD drive)

Xeikon3923d ago (Edited 3923d ago )

Motorstorm has the worst loading times of any game this generation. Even the review build of Lost Oddessy had better loading times.

You might complain about mandatory installs but Motorstorm proves it is necessary, to counter the slow read speed of Blu-ray.

Sez 3923d ago

just wanted to know if i needed to buy a bigger HDD when i buy my ps3 and hdtv next month.

heyheyhey3923d ago


lol, you finally succumbed eh? after all that time saying "Unfarted" and crap like that

well i don't think you NEED to get a bigger HDD, unless you have tons of DivX and demos to store

there aren't that many installs to make a bigger HDD a necessity, it just depends on how much media you have to store, but sizeable SATA drives are pretty cheap nowadays so you might as well

oh yeah and Xeikon that was pretty dumb

if thats the case then how come Uncharted doesn't need an install and has minimal loading times

and how about the dozens of games on the PS3 that don't need any installation huh?

dont spread bullsh!t when you have no idea what your talking about

and BD has a faster read speed than DVD

Sez 3923d ago

the only thing i succumb to is being a gamer. most multi-plat game i wil buy for the 360. games like DMC4,SC4,and GTA4,ect the only game i find interesting is FF13 and versus and if they suck like 10,10.5,12 then i will be selling it soon after

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Genesis53923d ago

I really don't have any problem finding something to do for 15 min.I like the faster load times and the less stress on my drive. So no worries here.Cheers!