'Wii U' Doom And Gloom Continues, But For Nintendo Content Is King

Recently the developer 4A Games told NowGamer that the “Wii U has a horrible, slow CPU” and that this is why their game Metro: Last Light won’t be released on the system.

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ape0071945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

only in N4G world which is just 0.0001% of real life

insomnium21945d ago

I can assure you the content Nintendo puts out has a history of being the bestselling content on any console. Be it Nintendogs or Pokemon or any Mario game it sells like hotcakes.

With that said I think Nintendo will have a hard time convinsing soccer moms to buy WiiU. The fad of Wii has died down so the sales took a nosedive. Let's see if people will eat up WiiU like they did with Wii. I doubt it but it has more to do with LUCK than anything.

mcstorm1944d ago

I have to disagree its how the console is pushed by the company. Look at the Ipad or Iphone its the same things over and over again yet people queue up to get them every new device they bring out because of the way Apple sell them.

If Nintendo get the marketing right it could sell very well.

I just wish this one Week and a day would hurry up so I can get mine.

MmaFan-Qc1944d ago

as long the wii u isnt flooded with pointless and shitty shovelwares like the wii was.

StrongMan1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )


Your logic is flawed. Cell phones are a necessity. Everyone has one. Consoles are not. Bad comparison.

Samsung Galaxy S3

Lvl_up_gamer1944d ago

@ StrongMan

1. mcstorm also said ipads as an example and we all don't need ipads.

2. You are "somewhat" right about cell phones, however a) we don't "NEED" cell phones and b) we all don't "NEED" the most expensive, sophisticated cell phones on the market.

I do love my G3 though. :)

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Jadedz1944d ago

It's pretty cool playing Nintendo games in HD, on the Wii U.

Ron_Danger1944d ago


Can we as a gaming community stop approving articles with "Doom" in the title? Unless, of course, the title is "is game journalism doomed?"

ape0071944d ago


speaking of Doom, where's DOOM 4?

MasterCornholio1944d ago

I'm pretty sure that the Wii U will have excellent first party support but its the third party support that worries me because the Wii severely lacked it.

Motorola RAZR i

Npugz71944d ago

Wiiu is a joke! Save my money and invest in a real next gen console next year!

Ben_Grimm1943d ago

Doom and gloom articles for every other system get passed right on up here on N4G.