MGS Peace Walker and MGS HD Editions will be released on the PlayStation®3 the Best! collection

MGS Peace Walker HD Edition and MGS HD Edition will be released at a special price on the PlayStation®3 the Best! collection in Japan with the both editions being released on 02.07.2013.

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Unztayble1846d ago

Idk why I thought they were talking about the original MGS.

caseh1846d ago

They were :)

MGS HD Edition

BoNeSaW231846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

This collection includes: MGS2&MGS3 in HD, 8-Bit MG1&2 and a Download Voucher for the Original MGS on PSN.

NO HD remaster of Metal Gear Solid. Watch the video.

TheModernKamikaze1846d ago

Is this different from the MGS HD collection last year? Planning to buy

BigCojones1845d ago

Yo release HD peacewalker on vita!