The growing art community of the Wii U's Miiverse

"With the Wii U’s Miiverse up and running now, it’s no surprise that the creative output has exploded. Several members (myself included) have used the extremely basic toolset — a black pen, an eraser, and three thicknesses of each — to showcase our artistic skills. The message boards are updated several times an hour, so there is always plenty to be seen there. We’ve curated some of the best we’ve seen to date in the post below."

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MultiConsoleGamer1977d ago

Miiverse is actually a killer app. And most people don't eve realize it yet. Miiverse is like Facebook ad Twitter combined with Nintendo. Brilliant.

kewlrats1976d ago

It's something only Nintendo could think of.

for we are many1976d ago

I am using Miiverse daily since launch day, and I can say I am addicted to it, although I am not a huge fan of either Facebook or Twitter. But as MultiuConsoleGamer said, it's both Facebook and Twitter combined with Nintendo's fun style and not only you can type but you can write/draw, take an instant game screenshot and post, besides the community is clean, mature and helpful with guys posting some amazing fan art, you have to try Miiverse to fully appreciate its brilliance.

RFornillos41976d ago

ah. now it's emerging to the killer app that it is. alas, the mighty nintendo!

metroid321976d ago

I will when the thing hits the UK yeah cant wait im getting Fifa13/BO2/SuperMarioU/and 3 games from the eshop so thats an attach rate of 6.1 from me :)

daclynk1976d ago

Miiverse is next big thing in online gaming.

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