Pre GDC: Destructoid Interview: Eternity's Child's Luc Bernard and Sean Beeson

Luc Bernard is a 21 year old graphic designer and game developer on the cusp of making his big splash in the game industry with the upcoming WiiWare title Eternity's Child. After seeing Luc's work, it doesn't take long to see that he has a unique perspective on what video games are about. Like Shigeru Miyamoto, the cartoonist who went from designing Donkey Kong to becoming the world's leading game creator, Luc's focus on visual design and his almost defiant rejection of familiar game conventions could lead to incredible things.

Destructoid recently had the luck of getting through Luc's hectic work schedule and hordes of fans to actaully score an interview with this would be gaming revolutionary.

Hit the jump to read Luc's thoughts on being a prostitute, his potential collaboration with Uwe Boll, and his hate of XBLA.

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TnS3805d ago

Luc Bernard: "I'm talking with Uwe Boll about an animated 2D film of Eternity's Child which I would want to be directly involved in. He loved the story so far, and though nothing is official yet, a film version will come."

OMG. :)

LinuxGuru3805d ago

Oh dear lord, NOT UWE BOLL!!!!

LOOK AWAY!!!!!! HE'll RUIN IT!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

Also, when they start talking about prostitution and crap....the whole interview pretty much gets derailed lol....

Blank10173805d ago

This guy seems to like his own work way too much. I have no problem with someone being proud of what they've done, but this guy thinks that his stories are gonna be better than disney and his games will be the best ever.

seems a little overly egotistical, only time will tell....