BBFC: 'We're ready to rate all games'

The British Board Of Film Classification told MCV that it would back any move to make it responsible for rating every game – and that it recognises flaws in PEGI's system.

However, the body told MCV that it had received no official confirmation from the Government that the widely-speculated news is in the works.

Fears have been raised this week over the BBFC's capability to handle the extra workload if the new age-ratings system is brought in – but the body's spokesperson Sue Clark said that it was confident it could handle the extra administration duties.

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MaximusPrime3834d ago

rating cert is fine as long it doesnt cover the whole box.

jinn3834d ago

if u give super mario galaxy a score below 7 then i will use u as my source

Yi-Long3834d ago

... as long as games do NOT get censored or banned.

Videogames, like all other media, shouldnt be censored.
I'm 31 years old, and if I wanna shoot hookers in the kneecaps before using a chainsaw to cut their heads off, I wanna be able to do that (in a videogame, obviously, cause I dont own a chainsaw in real life...)