Could Microsoft Acquire Epic Games? GamePro Editor Thinks So

As Epic's management team heads west for the annual Game Developers Conference in San Francisco this week, GamePro's Travis Moses writes that Microsoft will buy the fast-growing game technology firm for $1 billion this summer.

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decapitator3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

This would be big. But I doubt that will happen. Then Again, Microsoft's pockets run deep. The most dangerous thing about Microsoft is how deep their pocket runs and I've learned to never say yeah could happen.

Oh and one more thing, Microsoft need to acquire new studios as well and that is why this rumor might be more than just a rumor.

PS: GDC is also like 2/3 days away and we all know most of Microsoft's planned announcements are usually leaked out before GDC so hmm. Still a rumor though.

masterg3656d ago


Doesn't GDC start today?

decapitator3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

Oh snap. You right brah. It starts today but I dont think a lot of things have been planned for today though but damn. I totally got the dates wrong.

EDIT: But Microsofts conference is on the 20th I think. Most of the Megaton stuff that gamers would want to see will not be happening soon until 2/3 days ahead.

Mainman3656d ago

Hmm, I thought MS was selling their studio's.
Like what they did with Bungie, they don't own Bungie anymore do they?

kevoncox3656d ago

MS buys everyone out. Even though they haven't bought a developer in a very long time. It seems to me that Sony is doing most of the buying recently. MGS is really small. Sony owns a bunch of studios.
Why does everyone get mad at ms for spending and not "competing"?

powerslide3656d ago

You know why sony and microsoft don't buy konami, capcom and epic? Because they wouldn't turn a profit! Why? because they make money making multiplatform games and engines. If capcom was nintendo exclusive for example they would be bankrupt in a week (that's one of the reasons why resident evil 4 went to the ps2/pc)

Cartesian3D3656d ago

anyway EPIC had a deal with SONY containing 3 section :

1-Optimizing UE3 for PS3
2-Time exclusivity for UT3

hope to see a New IP from them for PS3..

Bloodwar3656d ago

A purchase is possible and yes Microsoft and Epic would continue to make money. The article already said Microsoft would collect royalties from the sales of the games on the other platforms. MS could be stingy by allowing the Unreal technology be only created for PC and Xbox brands and I wouldn't put it past them and I wouldn't lose any sleep over that happening because I respect MS, but I also don't see why MS wouldn't allow Epic to sell rights to other companies to use the Unreal tech because as was said in the article, both companies get money for every game that uses that tech through the royalties. So on muliplatforms, means only more money.

fusionboxer3656d ago

As much as I love unreal tournament and gears it doesn't mean i particularly loves every game epic puts out.

Before Gears most xbox fans didn't really like Epic that much anyway outside of PC gamers who converted. Most people I talked to were die hard halo fans and didn't like unreal tournament before gears came out. Then when gears came out they all converted and Epic became a godsend.

In my opinion it would be a waste of money for Msoft to purchase Epic when Gears seems like it would be their only redeeming series for the console when it's already been exclusive. On top of that it wouldn't be that smart a decision for Epic either.

Epic has been known to disagree with a lot of Msoft's policies lately regarding their online infrastructure for consoles and pc. On top of that they are constantly making money from various studios who want to license their technology. Why limit yourself and give everything you've worked for to someone just for a quick buck. It's like doing short term stocks over long term. One gets you cash quick (in this case a possible billion), but the other gets you more money in the long run and solidifies your status in the industry.

sonarus3656d ago

i wouldnt be suprised. Msoft is more than capable of acquiring epic but you have to ask does epic want to be acquired. With the success of the unreal engine epic is making tons of money even if games like unreal tournament havent been doing so well. I am not so sure epic and msoft relationship is that great that they are joined at the hip considering strong support they seem to have for the playstation as well with mods and all. Msoft needs to acquire more studios its hard to get 3rd parties to give you exclusives unless you have publishing rights. Sony has been slowly acquiring one studio after the other if given the chance they would acquire insomniac, ninja theory and all the other 3rd parties under soem publishing deal with sony. 1st they have to give them a successful franchise though. They purchased zipper to keep the socom series exclusive then they purchased motorstorm because of the strong success. I imagine sony will make attempts to purchase insomniac even though insomniac dosent want to be purchased. Msoft should at least reach out and try to purchase epic to at least keep gears of war exclusive. With talks of mass effect 2 coming to ps3 and gears 3 coming to ps3 this will give more confidence to xbox supporters that 360 still has tons of exclusives

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ktchong3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

Microsoft really NEEDS to do that.

That one single move alone would immediately gives Xbox 360 a huge boost and advantage over the PS3; and right now, Microsoft really needs to make a big, spectacular move to rejuvenate Xbox 360.

C'mon, Microsoft, forget about Yahoo. Buying Yahoo seems like a AOL-Time-Warner kinda deal. Buy Epic instead, and the government wouldn't even bother to block the deal.

witchking3656d ago

This would be a smart move by MSFT. And not just because of the games that Epic develops. The real prize here is the Unreal Engine. Imagine all those Sony developers who are currently licensing Unreal having to essentially pay MSFT for the engine for their game? Imagine an Unreal Engine optimized for the 360... imagine an Unreal Engine built exclusively for the next Xbox.

It actually makes sense for MSFT to get this in-house. It would be a MAJOR COUP.

ravinash3656d ago

the companies using the Unreal Engine for PS3 games, nothing would change...the money would be going to microsofts pocket.
MS wouldn't change that, its just business and the aim is to make money....there are other engines out there and it would make no sense for MS to cut them off.
Its just business in the same way Sony will let MS build BlueRay addons for the 360.

fusionboxer3656d ago

One is just a game studio that would basically only give them money in their gaming division while Yahoo would allow them to save billions in advertising and marketing.

They could use Yahoo in many ways to make money for the entire company rather then just one small division that doesn't really make as much money as the others anyway.

predator3656d ago

that would be a megatron, i wonder how may people would start saying epic are rubbish after them all praising them after UT3.

3656d ago
ravinash3656d ago

they make the two biggest FPS out there...gears and unreal.

Iamback3656d ago


I guess you have no clue what FPS means? Or otherwise you wouldnt call Gears for being FPS.

Gears is third person shooter.
FPS-First person shooter. That means "FIRST PERSON" shooter!!! USe some brain next time

HeartlesskizZ3656d ago

Like I mention once on the forums.... MGO and Gears are FIRST PERSONS SHOOTERs... why? because I shoot the first person I see lol =P

Is just a joke =D

ravinash3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

I do know what FPS stands for...I was just responding to cloud360-13th_acount comment which has since been deleted by the mod.

Don't be so anal next time!!!

And did it ever occur to you that maybe some people really care if its an FPS or TPS???? I know I don' still a guy running round with a gun.
I know so of you guys get totally wound up on every little details about these games, but to start arguing about what category the game fall under...I mean come on!!!

ravinash3656d ago

I'm tried and I'm cranky.

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HeartlesskizZ3656d ago

so in other words they dont want to share UT games or any future games coming from Epic at all?

f4t41_ph4nt0m3656d ago

MSFT knows that they'll continue to be on the "bad side" of Epic due to them not fully supporting (if they support it at all) user-created content. The buying of Epic means that MSFT will determine what can and cannot be. Meaning that most likely all mods will be created by Epic and maybe some other MSFT Game Studios designers and sold (yea I said SOLD) over Xbox Live.

3656d ago