EB Games has the PC version of GTA V up for pre-order

DSOGaming writes: "Another day, another bit of – unconfirmed – information about the PC version of GTA V. Although Rockstar has not announced anything yet about the GTA V PC, EB Games has this particular version available for pre-order."

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NYC_Gamer2005d ago

I hope the PC version doesn't use that awful GFWL service

Snookies122005d ago

Thank you, that is the worst thing ever in PC games... Forcing you to sign into that crap to even SAVE your game. It's horrible...

ATi_Elite2005d ago

Isn't GFWL now DEAD!

Doesn't matter.....I'll just buy GTAV and use a Crack just like I did GTAIV PC if it comes with some GFWL DRM!

I refuse to have that GFWL CRAP on my PC!

R* gets their money from me and I don't have no headaches from GFWL!

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

gfwl is not dead that just moved pc games to xbox live on windows 8.
Now pc gamers will be xbox live gmaers. O_o

But hey xbox live is free on pc!

Majin-vegeta2005d ago

I could have sworn R* said it would be coming but after the Console versions were released or was i drunk??

john22005d ago

R* said that they're focused on the console versions and that all other possible versions are up for consideration

CashColeTrain13372005d ago

They said they're up for consideration for publicity. This sounds a lot better than we're gonna release it later than Console because we're busy. GTA always releases 5-8 months after release anyway, yet still no one gets this.

jetpacksheep2005d ago

Games for windows live, its not great

CashColeTrain13372005d ago

It's buggy, and because it's not paid for, cheaters run amok and Microsoft really doesn't do much with it.

grandv2005d ago

how did u know about thats u are rockstar games or what ?? !! everybody talking about pc version like nonsense!! but please no anyone forgte thats ''there is some people have a great pc and the graphics in pc than xbox 360 and ps3 !! right?!

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