10.0 - Far Cry 3 Single Player Review writes: "There’s quite a divide among gamers when it comes to the previous Far Cry titles; some love them, some hate them. We’ve tended to find ourselves in the somewhere in the middle, neither fawning over the open world layouts and reasonably wrought narrative nor complaining about the flaws and issues that found their way into the titles. Far Cry 3 has very much changed that for us however, and a new love affair is blossoming."

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TheSaint2006d ago

When was the last time a company released a game this early? That's how you do it, make a game that YOU have confidence in.

So hyped for this.

time2die2005d ago

True words mate and obviously no review embargo on this one like all the Cod games.

Im hyped like you and i really think this is game of the year for sure.