The First Gamestop in Brazil: Legal or illegal?

The Google translation is far from perfect, but you will understand that the brand "Gamestop" has been registered legally in Brazil. Now the store located in Sao Paulo is now selling and renting PS3, 360, Wii and other games and consoles.

Marcelo, the owner, claims that he has the trademark rights in Brazil. What you see is, in fact, a picture of the Brazilian Gamestop.

Click out for more info and pics.

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FirstknighT3778d ago

Damn who want's to play video games when you're living in Brazil. Have you seen the beaches and the ladies???

socomnick3778d ago

hahahah so true. Then again isnt aids a big problem in brazil.

newneto3778d ago

no issues with aids n Brazil.

socomnick3778d ago

Great aids isn't a problem in Brazil I might go there for vacation sometime.

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LinuxGuru3778d ago


Gamestop is spreadin' the love to South America!

Game on!

mindedone3778d ago

in Brasil. Reading the preview I was under the impression that the bootleg GameStop was in Sao Paulo the city.

For those that haven't read the article, this GameStop has no affiliation with the entity founded in the United States.

MetalProxy3778d ago

Gamestop sucks donkey doo. They will enjoy ripping them off.

moujahed3778d ago

notice the special corner for toddlers... with all the sex you know the abortion / birth rate is high in that country.

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