DmC Devil May Cry - PS3 vs Xbox 360m demo

Test your eagle eye.

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diefor1828d ago

For me they are the same.

Syntax-Error1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

They look identical. Actually this shows me that we don't really need a new console in 2013. These consoles still have legs. If you look at the lineup for 2013 you are going to 2nd guess a new console. This game exceeded my expectations and looks gorgeous. Nintendo needed a Wii U to catch up to Sony and MS, but Sony/MS don't need to put out anything to compete with Nintendo. They already have the power and the licenses. I hope developers keep squeezing out more and more. I remember 5 years ago the said they maxed the PS3 with MGS4, now look what they are throwing out at us. Good job

Baka-akaB1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

Really ? My hatred for the game aside ... everyone knows they didnt choose to stick to 30 fps , they just couldnt do otherwise .

A few effect asides like morphing backdrops , and the lightning effects , it isnt even technically better than say DmC4 or most MT framework games , at the very least not superior in any way texture wise .

It's a rather bad example of showing that current consoles still have legs , it's mostly trickery via art and design and swifting through engine restrictions .

It's not even the best looking UE game by any stretch and doesnt even beat Arkham asylum or Bioshock 1 .
You'd be better served imo by stuff like say Farcry 3 , bioshock infinite ... actually stunning and impressive on consoles

Redempteur1828d ago

"Actually this shows me that we don't really need a new console in 2013"
You're delusionnal .. in motion dmc have clear texture problem and lightning problems ..they covered it as much they could with "art style" but this is far from being a technical showcase( on both consoles )

Dmc is neither a good benchmark on action games nor on what the unreal engine can do

Also MGS4 is still a technical marvel on several points to this day .. Dmc fail to be on par with what DMC4 did years ago.

CDzNutts1826d ago must be smoking crack.

Irishguy951828d ago

Meh, the PS3 is clearly the victor here

chukamachine1827d ago

PS3 wins this one.

Cleaner image, quicker loading of textures, better lighting.

stone_cold1828d ago

i am xbox 360 gamer but the truth ps3 better

_LarZen_1828d ago

People that dont see the differences on the pictures should get some glasses.

Blackcanary1828d ago

I was really impressed with the demo i will be getting this when it comes out anyone know the date for it?

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The story is too old to be commented.