Wii U Current Gen? Specs Details Discussed

The Wii U's specifications were released recently and there's a big question on how Wii U will fare against its next competitors: the "Xbox 720", codenamed Durango, and the "PS4", codenamed Orbis. IMGMR discusse's the Wii U's level of power; is it truly next-generation or not?

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osiris1976d ago

I dont know, Nintendo leading the futur? Its been a while i haven't seen that...

djslimzz1976d ago

Everything handheld? Im sure the same will happen with the Wii U

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

What if soccer moms don't buy it? Like they did the wii.

darthv721976d ago

maybe not now but at some point i think consoles will serve a 2nd role as a portable.

There have been a few entries before but they failed for many different reasons. A good example is the sega nomad. It was a portable genesis that could plug into a tv and a 2nd controller could plug into it and it became a full fledged genesis from the basic pov.

Where i thought it was a good idea was the psp go. It capitalized on the tv out support of the psp 2000 and 3000 but added in real bluetooth controller support when you had it hooked to a tv.

It was like a ps2 portable but the lack of direct game playback (UMD) was a real downer. Still, a great idea that surprisingly was left out of the vita.

Perhaps a vita slim will put it back but the idea of the touch screens would sort of cause control issues. Unless they were to make the camera move compatible.

Things are getting smaller and more convenient. I know the thought of todays console power or even high end pc power in the palm of your hand may seem hard to believe but technology is improving to the point where such a concept could be true.

ab5olut10n1975d ago

@darth, well fucking said mate

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Donnieboi1976d ago

The "U" in Wii U stands for "Underwhelming".

dakunclear1975d ago

the thing is that you guys don't seem to get is that the wii only sold 90 some odd million units and your saying sony and microsoft can only dream of but if I remember correctly the best selling console of all time was the ps2 which sold roughly 153 million units which is nearly double what the wii sold so sony def knows what its like but look at how well sony did this round terrible but look at how bad nintendo did with the gamecube

candybooty1976d ago

I honestly couldn't care less of the specs. It's all about the game. The Wii was crap compared to X360 and PS3 but a title like Mario Galaxy was all I needed to justify my purchase of a Wii because to me, it was a better game than what X360 or PS3 could have produced.

But then again, it's all about opinion.

Jinkies1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

"because to me, it was a better game than what X360 or PS3 could have produced."

Right...ok then

Best Wii game, fine but best console game this



"What you look for in a game and what I look for in a game are completely different. Yeah the graphics were WAY better on X360 or PS3"

When did I mention graphics ?

nassour1976d ago

Well the playing field's changed in gaming, being the best doesn't mean the strongest or the best graphics, with sales declining being the best is which company thrives to push our industry more!

candybooty1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )


What you look for in a game and what I look for in a game are completely different. Yeah the graphics were WAY better on X360 or PS3, but that's not what a game is to me.

For me a game is about the enjoyment I get out of a period of play. How interactive it is and how great of a lasting impression it has. Nintendo manages to have first party titles that manage to consistently give me that feeling and for that, I believe it's in the game and not the console.

Nevers0ft1976d ago

In your opinion, what was the best console game this gen and based on what criteria?

Jinkies1976d ago


I don't believe in something being the "best"

I understand a game being better then the other but you can never say one game is the best unless you put it in a certain way or if you name a number of them, like....

"Best games on the PS1"
"Best games on the PS2"
"Best games on the Xbox"

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farhad2k81975d ago

I'm sorry, but in what way is Mario Galaxy better than the Uncharted series? Because I simply can't see it, I've played both series, and there's no way Mario Galaxy is better.

Zhipp1975d ago

I played Uncharted and I thought that,aside from the graphics, it was boring. I played Mario Galaxy at Walmart and I couldn't wait to play more. The games are so fundamentally different, though, that It's hard to describe exactly WHY one would prefer one to another.

Getowned1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

I preferred Uncharted over Mario Galaxy, Uncharted 2 is my favorite game this gen in terms of story telling and adventure. Mario Galaxy was a good game but I wouldn't say it was the best. I like games with a actual story to them, unless they're MP only games. Mario Galaxy had a boring story to me, yeah yeah princess peach got captured AGAIN... Honestly if I was Mario, I would of been like "meh.. keep her" *flys off into space with Rosalina*.. The story line in the Uncharted games where amazing and I couldn't stop playing to see what would happen next, unlike mario were all I wanted to do was to stop being upside down for five minutes throughout the game. to each his own. I guess as the saying goes "One man's trash is another man's treasure" as are with video games, you may not like a game, but it could be someone's favorite.

Kos-Mos1975d ago

Mario Galaxy IS a better GAME than unchartered. I`m sorry to break to you. But there are facts about what is good and bad in gaming as well. Your opinion is not valid in this case.

sitharrefus1975d ago

Until we know the specs of the Next Gen xbox and ps4 then we shouldnt make arguments like yours. I am sure they will be powerful but do you think Microsoft and sony is going to charge again around 600 dollars for a console?

The Wii u its fine it will have ports and good games its to early to define its future!

NYC_Gamer1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

Wii-U won't be able to compete with PS4/720 hardware wise..Nintendo will have its own market with that tablet controller and first party software..It's hard to tell if certain studios will even bother with Wii-U once PS4/720 launch due to the limited specs that few developers are pointing out...

Dovahkiin1976d ago

Don't see why anyone would disagree with this, it will most likely be the case. It more or less was with the Wii too.

Neoprime1976d ago

Because he doesn't know if it will have a mid-upgrade or something that proves otherwise.

jmc88881976d ago

Well I didn't downvote it, but it's a bit out there to say that because the tech doesn't exist to be vastly past the Wii U.

Even a top of the line PC isn't...waaaay past a Wii U.

If you played a PC game on HIGH and then skipped over Very high and went to ULTRA, is there a BIG difference, or simply a decent one?

That's the point, because it takes a ton of extra power, that is very expensive and sucks up power to create. All that money for a very small gain. High to Ultra isn't a big difference visually, but how much raw power it takes to create it is a massive difference.

This is the point, whatever the PS4/720 do, it'll be more powerful, and probably be able to hit very high and maybe borderline ultra graphics...but compared to 'high' settings, is that going to create a situation where Nintendo cannot compete?

Not even.

Especially when you consider the Wii U is already cheaper than what the PS4/720 will launch at most likely, and be in line for a price cut either at or within the first six months their first competitor console launches.

So high for $279 deluxe or very high...almost ultra for the deluxe version at $499?

That's why people are downvoting it. They realize that you'll need 5x the power to make a halfway significant difference in graphics. 10-15x the difference to make the other one vastly behind. Well the PS4/720 won't be 5x as powerful as the Wii U, and thus the Wii U will compete quite well with it.

Neko6081975d ago

@jmc8888 Think you nailed it!

Jon_Fu_1976d ago

Hey baby, wanna play with my Wii U? Hey, where you going!? I'm so lonely.

djslimzz1976d ago

Wanna play Wii U with me?

Yangus1976d ago

No,little better,but not true next-gen.

LOL_WUT1976d ago

The Wii U is current gen spin it however you want.

Qrphe1976d ago

Well, it IS current gen since the current gen started less than a week ago.

RumbleFish1975d ago

Current gen started with BF3 on PC.

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