Demo Dayz- DmC: Devil May Cry (GamingUnwrapped)

Staff Writer J. Hugo went and downloaded the demo of the next addition in the famous demon slayer's franchise. After playing through, see what he has to say on his first impressions of the game.

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Syntax-Error1980d ago

thought it was great, but most "LETS HATE THE NEW DANTE" hate club will say otherwise.

Gohadouken1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

Then again those people can string along sentences and argument other than "leave new dante alone !!!!" and "you are just a bunch of haters" .

Meaning that , even if maybe wrong , who knows , they have an actual opinion and comments to offer , not just sheepishly following the herd and the flow decided by medias while lashing out at "Haterz" .

I've seen a few fans of the new game with sound argument of course , this is hardly it here

Jinkies1980d ago

Lets not forget people who don't like the game actually have solid reasons for doing so...were not just doing it for the sake of it.

Oh but no people just follow the media and call us haters for no reason.

Summons751980d ago

the "let's hate the new dante club" as you call them, is more than that if you actually took the time to read.

The controls = unresponsive and repetitive

The Gameplay = No skill required, slow, and painfully easy even on Son of Sparda mode. Nothing compared to the original Devil May Cry games. Ebony and Ivory over heat is stupid and a Half Demon Half Human having an angel mode is beyond ridiculous.

The story = really cliche and seems to be written by a paranoid conspiracy theorist.

The Characters= (no not the hair before you jump to conclusions like you already did) Characters are bland and nothing like the original characters. Dante swearing like a 12 year old playing cod is totally against his character. Kat is bland and boring and Virgil is just completely different from how he should be.

The Devs = have done nothing but insult fans who keep giving them criticism so they can improve the game. They insult the original creator who knows what he is talking about and went on to create Bayonetta which is more Devil May Cry than this will ever be. They are aslo so wrapped up in their own ego that they believe that their previous games sold well (which they did not) and that this game is the game that will define the Devil May Cry series and hack n slash genre in general.

Let's not even begin to talk about the use of dutch angles while in the middle of combat or running around. Dutch angels are the WORST thing to use in film and in gaming. They are annoying and they are not artistic. It made me really mad to have the camera angel twisting and turing every time I moved. The music is the absolute worst (dubstep in general is just terrible), granted I just turned off the in game music which completely killed the flow of the game. The music in the original games went perfectly with the flow of the game and transitioned between combat music and non combat very nicely.

The only thing that this game is good at doing is being an example of how to make a bad game.

These points have been made since the very beginning but people who have not played Devil May Cry before or just hoped on the defend because they called "reboot" just think it's because of the hair. While all the character design is ugly to look at, that is not the only point and you should maybe do some research before labeling people who have valid arguments as "Let's hate the new Dante club".

MidnytRain1980d ago


Is it that serious?

rezzah1980d ago

Ignorance is stupidity.

AsimLeonheart1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

Control scheme is almost the same??? What the hell are you talking about!? There is no target/aim button, dodging is done with shoulder buttons, launching enemies is done with circle button, stinger is with two tap forward with left stick and pressing triangle, pulling enemies is done with shoulder buttons. Everything is different! Except square as a shooting button and triangle as a slashing button. I am playing the demo myself and I have been playing DMC since year 2001. It looks like the media is getting paid to praise this game and convince gamers that it is the same old DMC with just a little different look.
Moreover, the game is damn easy! I first played on devil hunter could take all the beating in the world without dying. Then I started on nephilim but it still wasnt much different. I have to play nephilim a little more and I will try son of sparda later but my initial impression is that the game is too easy and the control scheme is weird. I can just keep on pulling combos infinitely and the enemies just cooperate with me. In original DMC (especially DMC3) enemies were relentless and brutal even on normal difficulty. I will play it some more and see how I feel about it in the end.

Gohadouken1980d ago

What can we say anyway ? We have folks lapping up every line taped by the "press" without even bothering to check up if accurate or not .

You see that kind of obvious hints a bit there and here that some of the folks absolving the game of its misses and swearing it's "like a proper dmc" dont even know the past games or have a very shallow memory of it ...

Was like that over a year , but nope "it's the same and respect the legacy" .

Well homey aint buying that

nevin11980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

Right off the back i'm not digging the art/visual direction.

Dont like how the square button operates gun and the whip. guns feel lame now.

Dante is lame when he talks during the boss battle.

But overall it seems like it will be a good solid playthrough for $20-$30

I also thought Dante's mother is human. Where this angel stuff coming from?

Skate-AK1980d ago

Re boot. So it's an all new story.

BioDio1980d ago

I came here because I read "Demo DayZ" instead of "Demo Dayz"

SkullBlade1691980d ago

I gave it a chance, but it made me hate the game even more. This game just plain sucks.

If the demo is supposed to make me want to buy the game, it isn't doing a very good job.

Also the battle music just plain sucks.

No buy.

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