Is Blu-ray a Microsoft victory?

Sony have won the HD TV format war. But are Microsoft the real winner here?

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Bruceongames3745d ago

By not including an HD optical drive Microsoft could launch much earlier and much cheaper.
Sony, who didn't have these advantages, have thus been so far outperformed and Microsoft Xbox division is making money for the first time.

decapitator3745d ago

lol.. This made it through ? Well Anyway.

Simple answer : NO

Long Answer: They paid paramount some million for them to go exclusive to Toshiba's side and yet Toshiba is still loosing. They will be paying Sony and co for any blu-ray add on that make and sell along side their 360 system. That is by no war a win-win situation for them.

travelguy2k3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

Sony managed so outsell World wide this 360 in calender year 2007. Higher price lack of games...more sales...consumers continually show that they are willing to pay more for a reliable product (Toyota/Honda) and as shown by January sales numbers continue to outsell the 360 in 2008.

The PS3 has a long road ahead of them to regain their market share this generation. I'm not sure if it can get to the point the PS2 was at, but there is no possibility IMHO that it will lose to the 360.

The Wii is in a race of its own.

EDIT: I am pretty sure it was Toshiba that paid Paramount/Universal, not Microsoft. But if you are including Microsoft in the HD DVD group as a whole then you are correct.

AceLuby3745d ago


I suppose you aren't including the $1 Billion used for defective consoles...

marinelife93745d ago

Was Nagasaki a Japanese victory? What kind of backwards logic is this guy trying to use?

marinelife93745d ago

This guys last name has to be Nelson to. Maybe he's Private first class Nelson.

mikeslemonade3745d ago

It's too early to say whether it's worth it or not, but it wouldn't be wrong to say that if the PS3 did not have a BD drive and launched in 2005 at $400 they would easily be winning this generation right now. Microsoft could be seen has the winner right now but hd-dvd just lost so we won't be seeing an impact instantly. If blu-ray replaces dvd like how that replaced vhs then that would be worth it to sony. Then we can say that if the PS3 only came with a DVD drive it wouldn't been as a huge success.

rawg3745d ago

This is a severe case of rationalization with some denial thrown in for good measure. Microsoft backed the wrong team and they lost. Deal with it and move on.

Ateanboy3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

I agree, the reason Microsoft could never turn out to be the "Real winner" in all of this is because of the simple fact that as soon as the remaining HD-DVD supporters fall back and Blu-Ray "wins" the format war, from that instant forward, the Xbox 360 will automatically be considered as having "dated" hardware. No? And only 2 years after it's conception?

How many years will the Xbox 360 survive using only DVD as a standard?

The only thing Microsoft can now do is create a new SKU with BD built-in, or create a Blu-Ray add-on. But either way, it wouldn't be the standard, so games wouldn't benefit from such moves. Only people who want to watch Blu-Ray movies on their 360 would benefit. And only if the SKU they have also have an HDMI port. Since you need both Blu-Ray and an HDMI connection to output 1080p video. Correct?

Games on the Xbox 360 will not benefit from an add-on. While on the PS3, Blu-Ray is the standard and games can make use of the technology. And that's why Sony should still be considered the winner, no? They made a gamble by taking part in the Blu-Ray format technology, by supporting it, and by making it the standard on the PS3. And they won. No?

MS took a different route due to uncertainty of which format would triumph. And they lost the gamble. No?

What I would like to know is how long will MS let the 360 linger with just DVD as the standard before releasing the next Xbox which will probably feature Blu-Ray as the standard? 8 more years in order to finish the 10-year life range thing that they always talk about? To me it too seems unlikely...

cmrbe3744d ago

Quote"By not including an HD optical drive Microsoft could launch much earlier and much cheaper"

Yes but look at where it got MS. 1 Huge failure rate with 1 billion set aside for warrenty. 2. It still got outsold by the PS3 in 2007 and now behind the PS3 with regards to next gen obtical drive.

How you can deduce a MS victory from these facts puzzles me. Blu winning is Sony winning and the PS3 winning. Fact. Get over it. Move on. Don't try to spin it.

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TheHater3745d ago

Maybe, maybe not. But as of right now, the PS3 is only about 7 million units behind the 360 in overall sales. And consider that the ps3 is more expensive, came out one year later, and has only been out in Europe for about 10 months now.

Capt CHAOS3745d ago

Maybe a couple of million in sales to a console that backed Blu-ray, but microsoft have managed to boost digital downloads a bit more and going forward, with a blu-ray backed 360, The PS3 will have less argument for purchase than it did.

Toshiba are probably the real looser here.. and all those people who bought into HD-DVD so early on. As for me.. I'll stick to DVD as I said all along, for the next 5+ years before I go 100% digital.

fenderputty3745d ago

how much do you think MS will cahrge for that BD-Drive. It isn't going to come standard like it does on the cheaper PS3. lol

LastDance3745d ago

"I'll stick to DVD as I said all along, for the next 5+ years before I go 100% digital. "

So do you not care for quality or are you that much of a fan boy?

3 years from now your telling me your still gonna watch DVD no matter what kind of tv youve got?

Get real.

ravinash3745d ago

I agree with fenderputty, the blueray addon will probably cost more than what the HD-DVD addon ever did.

fenderputty3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

it doesn't even need to cost that much more. A 40 gig PS3 with a BD drive is already 100 cheaper than an elite. The 80 gig is even in price. The 40 gig is right there with the Pro model too. Charging an extra 80 dollars, which is still cheap as hell and much cheaper then the HD-DVD drive, puts the 360 into a MUCH higher price range. From now on, unless a gamer is interested in DD, the PS3 will be the right choice for gamers who want HD media as well as games.

wageslave3745d ago

They'd likely not go with a second add on.

They'll change the HD-DVD add on to be a Dual-format drive.

And then we can finally stop hearing all this nonsense about MPAA DRM infested disc formats.


Capt CHAOS3744d ago

'3 years from now your telling me your still gonna watch DVD no matter what kind of tv youve got? '

I happen to have a plasma, and two 32" LCDs with 720p and 1080i. My Hi-fi was 5,000 pounds and the sub was shipped from the states, it's an 18" with 400 watts of power, Now you're not going to tell me that I've not got the kit to watch and enjoy hi-def.

Do you know what superbit is?

@WageSlave, yep, agreed with you on that.

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MaximusPrime3745d ago

sony is a winner. Not just PS3 but also HDTV, BR Players etc etc

Wraith0013745d ago

True, however, i work for an electronics retailer and we sell more Samsung HDTVs than any other, fact.

wageslave3745d ago

I dont anyone who'd prefer a LCD TV over a Plasma. Sony only sells LCD, so they're not in the running for HDTVs (for me, I prefer picture quality to price).


Wageslave, if people dont buy LCD screen we wouldnt see it everywhere, companies like Samsung, Pioneer, and even Toshiba aint stupid that they dont know what people dont buy.

mbmonk3745d ago


There are a couple of reasons to go with LCD over Plasma. Just like vice versa. I know plenty of people who have gone LCD over Plasma. So just because the pros and cons for your situation led to Plasma does not automatically go that way for everyone else.

This isn't a personal attack against you in anyway, but many people who sell TV's have the intelligence of a fruit fly about the products. They aren't experts and normally aren't properly informed to top it off.

PS: I am really excited about the Kuro Plasmas coming out in a year or two :).

TheExecutive3744d ago

hey wageslave... i prefer lcd over plasma but I live in a very high region of this country.

moparful993744d ago

wage slave said this..."I dont anyone who'd prefer a LCD TV over a Plasma. Sony only sells LCD, so they're not in the running for HDTVs (for me, I prefer picture quality to price)."
Wage your an idiot sony has the xbr line that offers plasma... I work at best buy and our lcd's outsell plasma 10:1. Plasma is really expensive so most adopters are picking up lcd which is just fine for hd content... You blast other people about doing research before commenting, well son you need to take your own advice cause you have alot of pie on your face right now......

Willio3744d ago

I should really track you Wageslave because everything you say is easily rebutted. Plasmas arent good for longetivity, the chemicals inside starts to burn out after a year. Thus, losing quality.

SaiyanFury3744d ago

LCDs and plasmas are great by any means. But I prefer my 61" 1080p Samsung DLP. Big, and comparably inexpensive. Works for me.

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nix3745d ago


wageslave3745d ago

Which is, without a doubt, going ot be Digital Distribution.

Half of internet traffic is *already* P2P media distribution traffic. The MPAA and RIAA are going to try and monetize all that traffic, and the winner will be the user: Less expensive (it is competing with Free after all), more convenient, longer-life and on and on.

Its all about Digital Distribution.

grilledgorlupa83745d ago

Do you know how many people complained about the installation for DMC4? Ok now a HD movie is not only fatter than that but it is being dled through the internet. Unless you have a super high speed internet connection which most people dont and wont get cause the high bill costs each month the dl is going to take a long ass time.

So tell me how is it that people are going to switch to digital distribution when many people cant even stand waiting to install something for 20 minutes.

Also if Digital distribution cant even replace CDs I cant see how it can replace movies anytime soon.

Keyser3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

I crack up reading you posts. It's as if MS emails you a MSWord document and you copy/paste it into your comment. I love it.

Seriously dude, how many people do you need to tell you that their country, not neighborhood, has a download limit? I've read like 8 of those comments just today. The infastructure is not ready.

We have people complain about their 5GB of hard drive space for their games just on this site alone. Imagine if everything had to be downloaded. Is MS going to come out with a 500GB proprietary attachment hdd? Imagine the cost of that.

The world isn't ready for digital distribution (infastructure, hdd space, love of physical media) just yet but some day.

moparful993744d ago

Keyser you hit the nail on the head. Wage Im getting tired of cleaning up the slop you post on this site. To download all of this content you need storage. Something that the 360 cant afford, not only is there a lack of standard HDD but the hard drives are small, unless you buy an elite which is more expensive then the ps3. Sony's console on the other hand has a standard HDD and is easily upgradeable. My personal ps3 has 220 Gigs of storage, I paid $30 bucks for a 160 max drive for my ps3. How much does that 120 gig elite HDD cost? Exactly.

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