Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 PC Patch Improves Performance On Multi-CPUs, Increases FOV to 90

DSOGaming writes: "Treyarch has released a new update for the PC version of Black Ops 2 that improves performance – in every campaign – on PC systems with two or four CPU cores, increases FOV to 90 and improves dedicated server matchmaking."

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PiccoloGR1916d ago

awesome, better FOV and increased performance. It was about time Treyarch

john21916d ago

yeap, definitely good news about FOV. Though it would be better if Treyarch offered a FOV slider

xruiner891916d ago

Not sure what you mean, there is and has been a FOV slider since launch.

porkChop1916d ago

There IS a FOV slider. It's been there since day 1, and was also in Black Ops 1 since day 1.

Braid1916d ago

Every game needs to have a FOV option on PC. When you're playing an FPS game on PC @1080p, the default value of "60" for FOV is so bad that it almost feels like you're sticking the gun on your friggin' nose while you move.

chaldo1916d ago

Hmm.. Maybe fix the 3 monitor support......?