Is Nintendo finally taking online gaming seriously?

Is Nintendo finally taking online gaming seriously with the Wii U?

well, they sort of are and the Miiverse is definitely a step in the right direction.

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pat_11_52012d ago

I'm impressed with the Miiverse but the Nintendo Network definitely needs some work.

DA_SHREDDER2012d ago

I think Mii Verse is a ghettofied psn home. Also, I find it odd that instead of giving us cross game chat, they added a social hub? Considering the WiiU has more RAM than the ps3 and 360 combined, I expected alot more.

pat_11_52012d ago

I think the opposite. PlayStation Home is a horrible version of Miiverse. Nintendo took what Sony wanted to do with Home, and made it 10 times better.

2012d ago
the worst2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

lol miiverse is not great at all
nintendo gets a pass which is total BS

daclynk2012d ago

Really coz things are going on in there that has never been done on both Xbox LIVE and PSN.People are constantly communicating and engaging even when they are not playing games and others are multi-tasking which is awesome. Ohh wait and its completely free. oh HATER dumb dumb people.

MegaLagann2012d ago

"Nintendo gets a pass"
Oh fuck they don't, we're on the internet, where everyone hates and bitches about everything Nintendo does.

V0LT2012d ago

Being as you couldn't even communicate with anyone if you didn't have a friend code i think this is a good step.

OneAboveAll2011d ago

Yea they are totally taking it seriously with Mario and Nintendo Land having online co-op... oh wait.

Seriously, the new Mario was DESIGNED for online. The hell was the reason for not having it!?